I: project space is an augmentation of what a contemporary art institution can be, by using the freedom that comes along with running an independent practice. I: project space 通过独立行为的自由,在扩大一个当代艺术机构的可能性。


Ultimately, it brings together Antonie Angerer’s & Anna-Viktoria Eschbach’s curatorial and publishing activities. The space is located in the old Hutong area of Beijing and is combining an exhibition space with a residency studio for visiting artists from China and abroad. Taking its location in the center of Beijing but outside the art districts as a premise, I: project space engages in bringing an interaction with art back into the daily life.

Collaborating with local and international cultural producers, I: project space is constantly building networks with like-minded spaces all over the world to share information and to expand the impact of the independent art scene. Dedicated to build support structures for artists and open possibilities for long-term dialogues between artistic, curatorial, research and other modes of knowledge production, I: project space is operating completely non-profit. Exchange and dialogue should not become empty phrases but have to be implemented into actions. The programming of the space is framing the residency and exhibitions with an on-going discourse about current questions on contemporary art.

I: project space aims to encourage innovative and investigative approaches, crossing borders between different creative disciplines, cultural identities, geographical locations, political economies, crafts and new technologies. By placing emphasis on the open dialogues, I: project space looks to foster experimentation, collaboration and inter-disciplinary exchange.
最终,这个空间结合了Antonie Angerer和Anna-Viktoria Eschbach的策展和出版活动。 这个空间位于北京老胡同里,结合了一个展厅和一个驻留艺术家的工作生活空间。以在北京艺术区外城市中心的位置为前提,I: project space通过交流与互动在把艺术带回日常生活。

I: project space 于本地与国际的文化工作者合作,长期致力于与全球有类似观念的空间建立网络、分享知识、并扩大独立艺术空间的影响力。作为一个完全非营利性的空间,I: project space致力于为艺术家建立支持体系,并为艺术、策展、研究和其他知识生产模式之间长期的对话创造可能性。 交流与对话不应是空洞的辞藻,而应该被付诸实际行动。这个空间的规划核心在于在对当代艺术中即时话题的持续讨论中开展驻留和展览。

I: project space 旨在鼓励创新性和调查性的方式方法,跨越不同创作方式及学科、文化身份、地理位置、政治经济、技艺和新技术之间的边界。通过强调开放性的对话,I: project space着眼于培养实验精神、合作精神、和跨学科交流。




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