Institute: Archive

I:nstitute is the research and education department of I: project space. The diverse program of I:nstitute facilitates exchange between academia, the cultural sector, and other social stakeholders and by doing so promotes critical thinking across domains. Guided by expert practitioners, participants get the opportunity to develop their interests, strengths, and skills. I:nstitute presents conferences, lectures, debates, workshops, and other programming in collaboration with partner institutes. Examples for previous projects are the international “Overwhelming Imagination – Achieving and Undermining Contradictions” conference at Sishang Art Museum, “Politics of Display - Curating and its Public” at CAFAM and the on-going curatorial round-table “CCC – curatorial chit chat” with guests like Monika Szewczyk (documenta 14). I:nstitute是I: project space的研究与教育部门。I:nstitute多样的项目旨在促进学术界、文化圈、和社会其他领域的交流与交换以及跨学科的批判性思考。在专家实践者的带领下,参与者能够有机会发展他们的兴趣、强项、和技巧。 I:nstitute 和合作机构会一起呈现研讨会、讲座、辩论、工作坊、和其他的项目。过往的项目包括在北京寺上美术馆的国际研讨会“ 纷繁的想象 - 矛盾的确立与动摇”, 中央美院美术馆举行的“展示的政治:策展及其公众”,以及持续进行的策展圆桌论坛“CCC – curatorial chit chat”,嘉宾曾包括documenta 14的策展人Monika Szewczyk。