Beijing22 is an open, independent, long-term curatorial project, which will investigate the dynamics of Beijing’s urban space in the five years preceding the Olympic Games in 2022. 北京22是一个开放独立的长期策展项目,将致力于探究北京在2022年冬奥会之前的5年内发生的城市变迁。

Until the upcoming Winter Olympics in 2022, Beijing22 manifests itself in exhibitions, publications, talks, conferences and other activities, thereby archiving the various perspectives of artists, curators, academics and journalists from China and abroad. The core element of Beijing22 is an online forum for artistic and scientific positions and a publicly accessible archive accompanying urban changes in a parallel and discursive manner. The city, cultural policies, the image of Beijing and individual perspectives and testimonies are captured and curated in response to one of the greatest urban developments in recent history. The material helps us to comprehend and reflect on the changing city and contextualize it with references from a variety of disciplines such as art, architecture, city planning, sociology, philosophy, journalism, psychology etc. 在北京2022年冬奥会前的五年时间里, 北京22项目将以展览,出版物,对谈,会议等各种活动形式呈现,收集展示国内外艺术家、 策展人与学者的多样观点与视角。这个项目的核心元素在于建立一个线上的艺术与科学对话的论坛,和一个伴随城市变迁的公共档案。城市、文化政策、北京的形象、以及个体的视角及见证将被捕捉和整理,来反映近来历史上最大规模的城市变迁之一。所形成的材料会帮助我们理解和反思城市的变化,并将其置于一系列学科的语境中,如艺术、建筑、城市规划、社会学、哲学、新闻、心理等等。