Feminist South is a curatorial project and research platform spanning across 2017-2019 that aims to generate discussion on contemporary feminist practice located in and around Asia, Australia and the Pacific regions. 南方女权发起于2017年并将持续至2019年。它是一个策展项目和研究平台,旨在:在亚洲、澳洲及太平洋地区范围内和周边区域发起围绕当代女权主义实践的讨论。

The project seeks to trouble the term feminism, its limitations, its blind spots and contradictions; its historic centrality to the ‘West’, its different translations and how it feels in the here and now. Discussion with other artists, curators and writers guides the project. Artists working in this region and within these fields have been asked a set of questions relating to the themes of the project. They were asked to respond only with images. This website is the platform to house these discussions. Over the course of the project we will also publish readings, articles, thoughts, feelings and findings of the research. 本项目将对 “Feminism (女性主义/女权主义)” 一词发出质疑,挑战它的局限、盲区和矛盾;以及讨论这个概念长期以西方为话语中心的历史背景、它的不同译本、还有它在当下的亚太地域给人的感受。艺术家、策展人、写作者共同参与的讨论是本项目开展的主要基准。从事相关领域的本土艺术家将会回答就本项目主题发起的一系列问题,而他们的答案均必须以图像形式提交。本网站将作为呈现这些对话的平台。项目进行的过程中,我们还会发布相关书籍、文章、思考、感受和研究中的发现。

web: feministsouth.com