Independent Art Spaces (IAS) is a network that seeks to unite Beijing's patchwork of alternative, non-profit and non-commercial galleries in the spirit of sharing knowledge and purpose. Each year, Independent Art Spaces selects a different theme for public events towards the end of summer. “独立艺术空间” 是一个知识分享网络,旨在联合散布北京的非商业独立画廊。每年夏末,“独立艺术空间” 都会选择一个不同的主题来策划一系列公共项目。

Beijing is the petri dish for a growing network of new and alternative art platforms in all sorts of environments: From the small alleyways in the city’s hutongs, to programs in artists’ studios, to exhibitions in private apartments and spaces in residential buildings in various parts of the city. Characterized by strong conceptual approaches, open dialogue and by incorporating parts of the city in which art could flourish away from the predetermined art zones, these spaces have merged into a network of dynamic art exchanges making new contributions to the progress of the discourses of contemporary art in China. This broad spectrum of programs is mirrored, archived and made publicly accessible by Independent Art Spaces. 北京是一个让独立空间网络茁壮成长的培养皿,不论何样的栖息地:从胡同小道、艺术家工作室项目、到个人公寓所举办的展览,以及城市中各种各样的居住空间。这些空间的独特之处在于概念化的方式方法、开放的对话、以及对城市空间的融入,让艺术向特定的艺术区之外茂盛发展。这些空间融合成了一个充满活力的艺术交流网络,为中国当代艺术话语的进步做出了新的贡献。“独立艺术空间”为这些广泛的项目提供一个写照,并建立一个公开的档案。