Over the last four years running i:projectspace we met so many amazing people, and with that came so many exciting project ideas. Strengthening these connections, building a solid independent art network for China. That is what is most important to us.

Trying to make sense of China, its rapid changes, with interesting people from all over the world, through art.

Take a guess at what all of this costs? Rainbow dried up. To keep it simple, we need some money, to keep this show running.

Here’s an overview of all our project ideas we want to do this coming year. Tickle the underbelly of art, mo’ money, mo’ projects.
I: project space 的四年旅程中,我们在许多朋友、支持者和合作伙伴的帮助下实现了许多项目。自2004年以来,我们与36个国家的192位艺术家合作过,实现了153个活动。


我们想要继续从北京的胡同四合院里遥看世界,与全球有趣的人们一起合作。I: project space 的运作一直与大家的热心参与和让我们成长的人际网络不可分割。我们希望把我们合作互助的核心理念转化到我们项目的资助方式上。

看一看我们明年激动人心的项目吧,这些项目还需要一些资金的支持。 挠一挠艺术的肚脐眼,芒尼越多项目越多。

Project Overview:


Fundraising-Target: 18.000 RMB

Beijing22 is an open, independent, long-term curatorial project, which will investigate the dynamics of Beijing’s urban space in the five years preceding the Olympic Games in 2022 and make this independent research available to everyone!

IAS Festival

Fundraising-Target: 35.300 RMB

IAS is an annual festival to celebrate the work that independent art spaces are doing and make these incredible initiatives accessible!

Feminist South

Fundraising-Target: 38.000 RMB

With our long-term curatorial research project, we are highlighting questions around gender and artists that work with that notion in and around Asia, Australia and the Pacific region. The projects seeks to trouble the term feminism, its limitations, its blind spots and contradictions its historic centrality to the ‘West’, its different translations and how it feels in the here and now.


Fundraising-Target: 40.000 RMB

Residencies are less about space and more about people that are giving their all! With the fellowship we want to share the knowledge we collected and give it to the next generation of residency directors in China. For one year we are training a future residency manager together with China Residencies in New York and Beijing.

Queer Language

Fundraising-Target: 50.000 RMB


Nightlife Residency

Fundraising-Target: 21.602 RMB

This residency invites one artists who taps into the potential of nightclubs as spaces for art to Beijing for a two months residency. This residency brings key protagonists, who are leading the discourse on and fusion of visual art & nightclub culture in a mix with the local scene.


What we raised so far and what we still need:

of 202.902 RMB

Your amazing intentions won’t be left unnoticed of course.  So we have some artsy goodies to offer for your support. Depending on the availability and the amount of your donation, we will send you one of the following goodies:

Goodie I: Riso print

Goodie II: Fanny pack

Goodie III: Smog mask