85 New Waves 《’85新潮》 纪录片放映

Gao Minglu documentary screening

Date: March 26th,2015
Location: I: project space

The original footage was taken in 1986 and 1987 when Li Shaowu, then director of CCTV, was given funds to, with the help of Gao Minglu, film the creative practices of the artist groups around Northern and Southeast China that made up “The ’85 Movement.” These groups included the Three Steps Studio in Shanxi Province, the performance art group “Concept 21,” and artists Xu Bing and Lu Shengzhong in Beijing. The project ran out of funding before they were able to interview Huang Yongping and other dada artists in Xiamen. The ’85 movement is an incredibly important moment in the history of contemporary Chinese art as it was in this period that young artists throughout the country were inundated with new art and theory from the outside world, inspiring them to create experimental and daring works, the likes of which had never previously been seen in China. The documentary was never shown on CCTV, but in 1990 was revisited by Li and Gao through additions (including the 1989 China Avant-garde Exhibition) and editing. Consisting of artist interviews, narration of historical context, and footage of art events, it is an important primary document of avant-garde artistic production in China from the late 1970s through the 1980s. Two readings about the ’85 movement will be circulated before the event and aid us in our discussion after the viewing.

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