A truck is parked in the grass near a tree in doubt

Exhibition with research fellows of Beijing22

A truck is parked in the grass near a tree in doubt

Artists: Geocinema, Beijing Dystopia, Jannis Schulze, Ute Adamczewski, Sponge Gourd Collective, Heavenly North
Location: Konfuzius-Insitut Nürnberg-Erlangen
Opening: 17.1.20, starting from 7 pm
Duration: 18.1 - 4.4.20

Shimmering silhouettes in front of a dusty landscape in which one can observe how the future of Beijing is being built. Collecting sculptures outside newly built resorts in the mountains outside of Beijing. A truck is parked in the grass near a tree in doubt brings together different artistic voices that investigated one of the biggest urban planning projects in current history. Leading up to the winter Olympics in 2022 Beijing is changing its peripheries into multiple centers, changing how we understand city.

A truck is parked in the grass near a tree in doubt is showing six, international projects working on Beijing’s urban space and the effect and strategies of its changes. Diane Zhou, Beatrix Chu and Daphne Xu of Sponge Gourd Collective’s video works is looking at future imaginations and time travel around the Xiong-an, a city in the newly being developed Jing-Jin-Ji area around Beijing. This city is supposed to become the new Silicon Valley of China and the world, but is currently more of an imagination of this idea of a city. Geocinema’s Solveig Suess and Asia Bazdyrieva are taking digital infrastructure and data development for the Digital Belt and Road as a starting point to analyze China’s international investments and the change in our global geological visual data. Bringing the urban changes happening in Beijing into a global context.

Berlin-based filmmaker Ute Adamczewski followed two individuals working in Beijing in her video Threshold, which observes routines: dwelling, work, leisure. Jannis Schulze’s photography is a very personal collection of Beijing’s urban scenery. Schulze collages moments that describe a feeling of Beijing rather than stating facts.

Beijing Dystopia, the artist Huang Jingyuan and Songyi and the urban researcher Li Pingfei, is trying to get closer to the actual effect of urban politics and economics has, by looking at the peripheries of the city and its inhabitants. The two artists Yu Gong and Zhixuan Feng of Heavenly North will present an ice-sculpture in reference to Winter Olympic town Zhangjiakou collaging images of a Future Olympics.

All artists are part of the research project Beijing22 initiated by I: project space in 2017 and supported by the Goethe-Institut China. Beijing22 is collecting trans-disciplinary projects that are looking at the transformation of Beijing. Each year several projects are selected to receive a fellowship by Beijing22 that comes with a small grant to conduct artistic research into how these changes are affecting the social, cultural and economic sphere in China and ultimately on a global scale. Next to the fellowship international artists are invited for research residencies. At the invitation of the Confucius Institute Nuremberg-Erlangen, part of the research will be presented in the form of an exhibition in Nuremberg.

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