Artist Book Workshop 艺术家丛书工作坊

with Sonja Zagermann

Date: Sep 24 - Sep 27, 2015
Location: I: project space

Artist books are a very important medium for upcoming artists to promote and document their art independently and share it easily.
On the other side artist-books are a great and challenging medium for designer to create and to work with – with the strength of the design discipline they are able to transform the work of the artists into book form.
During a 4-days workshop each designer will work in close collaboration with one artist or with one group of artists. After an introduction into methods of artistic editorial design, the designer will analyze the works and the working method of the artist, to develop an individual book, which will correspond to the artwork in order to support and present it in the best way.
Throughout the whole workshop the participants will be supported and guided by editorial designer Sonja Zagermann.
A few days after the actual workshop the resulting books will be printed and presented to the public in an exhibition as part of BJDW.

A jury will choose artists due to their motivation letter and CV. All artists will coincide with the concept of I: project space.


Sonja Zagermann is an independent editoral designer living in Zurich.

She graduatde in 2012 from Zurich University of the Arts with a Master Degree in Editorial Design and is now working as an editorial designer with a focus on book design.

Before setting up her own studio she worked with Georg Rutishauser at edition fink, a publishing house focusing on artist publications and in close collaboration with the artists. In 2015 she developed a new Suisse art magazine.

Her book designs recently were awarded with “The Most Beautiful Swiss Book”, “Most Beautiful German Book” , and “Most Beautiful Book Worldwide”.

日期: 2015年9月24日-27日
地点: I: project space


整个工作坊的参与者们都由社论设计师Sonja Zagermann支持和指导。



在成立她自己的工作室之前,她跟随Georg Rutishauser从事着为不同艺术家设计不同的出版物和与艺术家紧密合作的工作。在这些设计当中,他们设计的一个“纸袋系列”被评为了“2014年全瑞士最漂亮的图书”,甚至还被评为了“全世界最美丽的图书”。她与艺术家Monika Sennhauser合作的专刊《Gleichungen in Intervallen》近期也被评为了“最美丽的德国图书”。

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