Artist Talk Jannis Schulze

Date: July 12, 2015
Location: I: project space

Jannis Schulze is young photographer from Germany, working with photography, text, video and interviews and recently got awarded with the “Gute Aussichten” photography prize. He is planning to work with meaning of and the mythology of the wind and its connection to the development of China today.

The artist talk with Jannis Schulze is a chance to hear more about his previous works, but also to open up the dialogue for him with the Beijing Creative scene. Therefore the evening will be a casual conversation about Jannis´s work and sharing each others projects and thoughts. Everybody is welcome to talk about project or new works and will get five to ten Minutes to present them. Let’s get connected!

日期: 2015年7月12日
地点: I: project space

Jannis Schulze是一位来自德国的年轻摄影师,从事摄影、文字、视频和采访等工作,而且近期刚刚获得了由“Gute Aussichten”颁发的摄影奖。他计划将以“风的意义及其神学意味与中国当代发展相结合”为主题进行艺术创作。

同时,与Jannis Schulze进行艺术家座谈会不仅可以引领我们了解他之前的艺术成就,还能向他展示充满了创意氛围的北京艺术圈。其实,所谓的“座谈会”不过是大家轻松愉快地坐在一起,与Jannis一起聊天讨论,互相交换对于各个艺术项目的想法。届时参与讨论的人每个人都有五到十分钟的时间展示自己的艺术想法和成果,不许害羞,开怀畅聊!

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