Artist Talk: Kelly Doley and Feminist South

Artist Talk

Artist: Kelly Dolly
Date: July 17th, 7pm, 2017
Location: I: project space

About the artists

Kelly Doley is an artist and curator based in Sydney driven by the importance of diverse artistic expression, creating relevant dialogues for feminist and political art practices and developing strategic ways to engage art with new audiences. Her practice spans collaborative exhibition, performance and publishing projects. She has over nine years experience in the fields of visual arts, specialising in feminist and performance art as well as arts strategy, management and advocacy working across Government and the independent art sectors.

Her most recent curatorial project Moving Histories // Future Projections is touring Australia nationally from 2017 – 2019 for dLux Media Arts and Museums & Galleries NSW that brings together some of Australia’s leading female artists working in video including Caroline Garcia, Mikala Dwyer, Justene Williams, Amala Groom, Deborah Kelly and Soda_Jerk.

She is the Founder and Co-Director of artist collective Barbara Cleveland with Diana Smith, Frances Barrett and Kate Blackmore. Since 2007 they have led extensive artistic multi-platform projects nationally and internationally including recently at the Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW) (2016/17), 20th Biennale of Sydney (2016), MCA Sydney (2010, 2012-2014, 2016-) NMOCA Seoul (2011) and Monash Museum of Art (2016).

About Feminist South
This curatorial research project aims to generate critical dialogue around contemporary feminist practice in the Asia Pacific through a series of reading groups, talks and exchange residencies that will culminate in an exhibition, symposium and web platform in 2019. The project is intended to be a long-term research driven project that will take place over a number of phases to develop ongoing dialogue between practitioners from geographically separated regions.  Phase One has a focus on the relationships between practices in and around Australia and China.

Adverse to fitting Western feminist theories, movements and practices onto the diverse multiplicities that make up the Asia Pacific, this project will create its own multiple terms of reference to decentre and disrupt conventional understandings of feminist art and create new methods to discuss contemporary feminist practices in Asia.

As the aims of the project require multiple responses from different perspectives, this project will focus on dialogue as its starting point and basis in China and Australia. Several research trips between China and Australia be used to conduct a series of interviews with artists, arts workers and curators working in this space as well as the presentation of reading groups and panel discussions. The reading group 'Feminism is a Western Concept' is hosted on the last Thursday of each month at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney by Kelly Doley.


This project is supported by
4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Australia Council for the Arts, Ian Potter Foundation, and the Australian Embassy Beijing

艺术家: Kelly Dolly
时间: 2017年7月17号晚上7点
地点: I: project space


Kelly Doley,艺术家和策展人,现工作生活于悉尼。她致力于推动多元化的艺术表达;创造有关联性的对话以连接女性主义运动者和政治性艺术;及发展出能让艺术被新受众接纳的策略。她的实践跨越了合作式展览、行为表演和出版等形式。目前,她已经在视觉艺术,尤其是女性主义及行为艺术领域有了九年的经验,在此期间她亦长期在不仅是政府内,也包括独立艺术机制中进行艺术策略、艺术管理和艺术倡议相关的工作。

她近期的策展项目,“移动的历史//未来的投影”此时正在澳大利亚全国范围内巡演(2017-2019),合作机构为dLux Media Arts和 Museums&Galleries NSW。该项目集合了包括Caronline Garcia, Mikala Dwyer, Justene Williams, Amala Groom, Deborah Kelly and Soda_Jerk等等杰出的澳大利亚女性影像艺术家。她是五人艺术家小组Barbara Cleveland——其他四位成员分别是Diana Smith, Frances Barrett 和 Kate Blackmore——的创始者,也是目前该小组的主管者之一。自2007年起,她们已经以小组身份在澳大利亚国内和国际上的诸多机构,如Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW)(2016/17), 第20届悉尼双年展(2016), MCASydney (2010, 2012-2014, 2016-), NMOCA Seoul (2011)和MonashMuseum of Art (2016) 等地,共同进行了拓展性的多平台艺术项目。


Feminist South并不会试图把西方标准的女性主义理论、运动和实践的模版,加诸在亚太地区自身的多元性上,反之,此项目希望创建它自己的多样参考词汇,来向传统意义上对女性主义艺术的认知进行去中心化和干预,从而创建亚洲当代女性主义的新的讨论方式。

鉴于这次项目需要来自不同角度的声音,Feminist South 将以在中国和澳大利亚进行的对话作为整个项目的开端。中-澳间数次的研究性旅行期间,将会有一系列对当地艺术家、艺术从业者和策展人的采访,及阅读小组的展示和圆桌讨论会。由KellyDoley发起的阅读小组“女性主义是一个西方概念”,会在每月的最后一个周四在悉尼4A亚洲当代艺术中心进行活动。

Feminist South的共同合作伙伴包括:4A亚洲当代艺术中心,悉尼艺术空间和北京I: project space. 这个项目的实现得到了来自澳大利亚艺术协会,IanPotter基金会,和澳大利亚驻北京大使馆的莫大支持。


4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Australia Council for the Arts, Ian Potter Foundation, and the Australian Embassy Beijing

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