Artist Talk with Elysia Crampton

Date: Aug. 10, 2017
Location: I: project space

American experimental electronic musician Elysia Crampton hit Beijing for her debut at Dada. Before her live performance, Elysia had a conversation at I: project space with writer and queer activist Alvin Li about her idiosyncratic practice and inspirations.

Elysia Crampton

Elysia Crampton makes complex, sumptuous electronic music - works that scramble notions of time and place and identity, and take sonic potshots against injustice and discrimination. "Borderless, expansive and intelligent," to quote Pitchfork.

Her epic productions mirror the messy beauty of life, while keeping their eyes locked on irreducible horizons. Crampton’s idiosyncratic music touches on ecology, feminism and progressive politics, at ease moving seamlessly from Beethoven’s Fifth to crushing cumbia (an actual transition that made Vice call her one of 2016’s ‘Best Live Acts’).

To know more about Elysia’s work, check out this interview by Beijing’s very own Josh Feola:

Alvin Li
Alvin Li is a writer, translator, and queer activist based in Shanghai and Beijing, where Li is currently English editor of Ullens Center of Contemporary Art. Particularly interested in gender variance and queerness, as well as their implications for community practices and social relations, Li has been organizing queer film festivals, monthly screenings, and community events in Shanghai for three years. Li is the co-founder of an unrefined queer underground collective named CINEMQ, known for hopping around clubs in Shanghai (soon coming to Beijing) to screen queer short films and throw badass parties. Li is the guest curator of a queer screening program for Para Site’s summer exhibition “In Search of Miss Ruthless”; titled ”Pièce Touchée,” the program will debut at Para Site on September 10th.

日期: 2017年8月10日
地点: I: project space

美国实验音乐制作人Elysia Crampton受无解(Woozy Offline)之邀,将在北京Dada进行首演。之前,她会做客I: project space向大家介绍她的音乐创作和思考。对谈由李佳桓主持。


Elysia Crampton的音乐世界繁复而又美丽,既关系到这个时代对于时间,地点和身份的全新认同,也有对不公和歧视的抨击。Pitchfork盛赞她的音乐 “无形无界,充满智慧。” Elysia Crampton的音乐介乎于传统俱乐部声音的边界之上,兼具着声音艺术的敏锐,以及抽象学院派的深度,蕴含着对拉丁文化,酷儿历史的探索,以及对异性恋和男性主导观念的巧妙颠覆。Elysia Crampton的音乐蕴含着许多层次,值得细细品味,也令人充满期待。“未来才是我的积极能量可以起飞的地方。”她说道,“那是我的化身可以生活和创作的地方,充满着希望和能量。”

如果想要在讲座前进一步了解Elysia的创作,不妨读读这边Josh Feola不久前和她做的采访:

主持 / Alvin Li 李佳桓

李佳桓是一位写作者、译者及酷儿行动主义者,现任北京尤伦斯当代艺术中心英文编辑。出于对性别理论及酷儿运动的关注,李佳桓曾连续三年在上海策划酷儿影展和社群活动,并于2015年创立了名为CINEMQ的独立酷儿影像展映+派对组织。李近期受邀为香港ParaSite暑期展览“寻求无情小姐”策划酷儿影像单元”Pièce Touchée”,将于2017年9月10日展览闭幕当日呈现。

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