Artist Talk With Nina Wiesnagrotzki

Artist: Nina Wiesnagrotzki
Date: Nov. 4th, 2016
Location: I: project space

On Nov. 4th, We had a nice artist talk with Nina Wiesnagrotzki about her exhibition "Shoes and Other Seismic Markers"at I: Project Space.

"What do you think of the global warming summit in Paris this week?" A news reporter was asking Donald Trump on a news channel the other day. Trump answered: "I kind of think this is ridiculous. We have bigger problems right now. I think that there will be little change here, it’ ll goup, it will get a little cooler, it’ ll get a little warmer like it always has for millions of years - it’ ll get cooler it’ ll get warmer - this is called weather.”

A bit later he continues, “in the meantime, China is eating our lunch, because they don’t part take in all the rules, the regulations that we do. We’ re not using our coal, they are buying our coal…”

To argue with the terms of the Anthropocene the humans and the nature are not two separate entities anymore. The humans influence the nature so fundamentally, that nature goes downhill, irreparably. Climate change supports soil erosion, to mention just one aspect now.

The US professor emeritus of Social Studies Donna Haraway declares to reconstitute refuges for rare species.

Or to put it in the words of Jason W. Moore, a sociologist, teaching at a university of NY, arguments that cheap nature got to an end. Most of the reserves of the earth have been exploited, fostered by capitalistic economy over the years.

On 24th of November in 2014, the Australian news channel “Nine News Melbourne” posted on twitter: Mother of six escaped unharmed after being swallowed by a three-meter-deep sinkhole in Springvale south.

“ The woman was shouting about half an hour until she was saved by the police. Involuntarily she got famous in her region while hanging out her washing. Countless similar stories can be found in the news when searching for the occurrence of recent sinkholes. Quite a few of them are manmade.

Seismic waves are P-waves, S-waves, Love waves and others. They happen in the course of earthquakes.

It would be beautiful if the so called Love wave was named after the emotional love.

But it is named after its discoverer Augustus Edward Hough Love in the beginning of the 20th century. It is a very destructive wave, by the way.

Way less harmful in comparison is the P-wave. When the P-wave exits the ground, it turns into a sound wave and is hearable. It is as if the ground was a loud speaker.

On the body surface of the Pokemon character Seismitoad there are also loud speakers. Seismitoad is able to cause earthquakes. Its name consists of “toad” and “seismic”.

There is another toad that plays a role in my project too. But I will tell you about it in a bit.


What is the link between Trump, the Anthropocene, soil erosion or sinkholes, Seismitoad and dance?

It is the fact of gravity.

I was doing this little clip for my video I am working on at the moment. Without gravity, there would be no sinkholes or earthquakes. The existence of gravity and trying to break through it, stipulates dance. Gravity is experienced through ones body.

This is a cell phone appcalled “Vibrometer”.

When you shake your phone while using this app, you can cause the most heaviest earthquakes. From the categories “felt by animals” to “total destruction” everything is possible.

The first device for the detection of earthquakes was inveted in China. The Chinese scientist Zhang Heng is compared to Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci invented a gravity wheel, some kind of a perpetum mobile.

Something, both of them have in common is, that Zhang Heng’s seismoscope and Leonardo da Vinci’s gravity wheel do not work.

On the outside of Heng’s seismoscope there are eight dragons and eight toads for the eight cardinal directions. It was invented around 100 AD.

Lately I went to several Beijing based museums, in order to take 3D captures of this instrument. One result you can see on the right hand side of this slide.

An animated computer generated 3D model of this seismoscope will be one of the main narrators in my video.


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艺术家: Nina Wiesnagrotzki
时间: 2016年11月4日
地点: I: project space

11月4日(周六),我们与目前正在I: project space展出的“鞋与其他地震记号”展览的艺术家Nina Wiesnagrotzki进行了一场艺术家论坛。

“您是如何看待这周在巴黎举办的全球气候变化大会的?”一个新闻记者在新闻频道曾问到Donald Trump,Trump答道:“我觉得这件事情挺可笑的,我们其实正在面对更严重的问题。我觉得气候这种东西只会有一点改变,气候会热一点儿,也会冷一点儿,然后再热一点儿,就像过去的几百万年一样——它会转冷,会转暖——这就是所谓的天气。”



一位美国社会学的荣誉教授Donna Haraway申请重新搭建对于珍稀物种的收容所。

或者用一名在纽约大学任教的社会学家Jason W. Moore的话说肆意践踏自然的行为已经到了该被终止的时候了。在资本主义经济的榨取下,地球大部分的自然资源都已然被过度开发利用。





但是它是因其在20世纪初的发现者,Augustus Edward Hough Love而名。实际上,乐甫波是非常具有毁坏性的。
















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