B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 1979-1989

Screening and talk with Mark Reeder

Date: Nov 29, 2018
Location: Aotu Space
Directed by: Mark Reeder
Followed by discussion with Mark Reeder, Yang Haisong, and Tom Mouna

Music, art and chaos in the wild West-Berlin of the 1980’s. The walled-in city became the creative melting pot for sub- and pop-culture. Before the iron curtain fell, everything and anything seemed possible. B-MOVIE is a fast-paced collage of mostly unreleased film and TV footage from a frenzied but creative decade, starting with punk and ending with the Love Parade, in a city where the days are short and the nights are endless. Where it was not about long-term success, but about living for the moment – the here and now.

With Annette Humpe, Blixa Bargeld, Nena, Nick Cave, David Bowie, Gudrun Gut, Westbam, Joy Division, Zazie de Paris, Die Toten Hosen, The „real“ Heino, Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Ärzte, Die Unbekannten, Malaria!, Notorische Reflexe and much else. Mark Reeder (British musician, music producer, label manager, actor and author) tells his very charming Berlin history.

Mark Reeder (born 1958) grew up in Manchester, England. He is a musician, record producer, remixer and filmmaker. Reeder's musical career has spanned over more than four decades, acting as a participant and behind the scenes influence for many now famous artists, spreading over a wide cross section of contemporary musical genres. Reeder has been living and working in Berlin since 1978. In 1981 he formed the darkwave synth bands "Die Unbekannten" and in 1984 "Shark Vegas". He also co-managed all-girl avant-garde group Malaria! . He was German representative for Joy Division and legendary Manchester record label Factory Records, from 1978-1983.

In 1990, he founded the first East German electronic dance music label MFS (Masterminded For Success). Amongst others, the MFS artist roster featured artists such as Cosmic Baby (Harald Bluechel), Dr Motte, Effective Force (Johnny Klimek) and Mijk van Dijk. In February 1992, MFS released the world’s first Trance compilation (Tranceformed from Beyond) and many of these MFS artists tracks were to feature on the first Tresor records compilation. In 1991, Reeder also discovered the teenage Paul van Dyk and built up this now international DJ superstardom.

In 2008 he put MFS on ice and returned to making, producing and remixing music. He's composed the music score for Joerg Buttgereits controversial film Nekromantik 2 and the French cold war thriller Wolf’s Call. His latest own album release “Mauerstadt” in late December 2017 features his song-writing, production and musical collaborations with Manchester legends New Order and The Inspiral Carpets

During an extensive two-month B-Movie/DJ tour of China in 2017, Reeder recorded the album Oracles for legendary all-girl band from Beijing Hang On The Box. While in China, he also discovered an exciting and radical young Chinese band from Chengdu, STOLEN. After a 10 year hiatus, Reeder decided to reactivate MFS especially for this new STOLEN album release, and he hopes to present STOLEN upon the world stage, as they are undoubtedly spearheading a new-wave of exciting young Sinographic musicians.

About the Panelist

Yang Haisong, born in Nanjing, frontman of P.K. 14., frequent producer, and Maybe Mars' label boss, Poet. In 1996, he started the band 西 as the guitarist and created the song 蓝色的月亮, which was included in the compilation Nanjing Underground Music 97- 98. In 1997, he started the band P.K.14 as lead singer. The band moved to Beijing in June, 1999 and published the single 蓝色的月亮 on Modern Sky Magazine. In 2001, P.K.14 released its debut album 上楼就往左拐. In April 2002, the band is signed to Badhead Records.

Moderator: Tom Mouna is a writer, DJ, curator, promoter and editor based in Beijing. As a DJ under the moniker Mouna Press, playing music that is extremely danceable but also confusing, has played with artists such as Kode9, Bruce, rRoxymore, Murlo, Akito, P Money and Double Clapperz. Co-running The Neighbourhood series of parties and previously ran a series of parties in London. Regular writing contributor to Frieze, Art Review, ArtAsiaPacific, Leap, aqnb and Radii. Recent projects include: The Nightlife Residency, which entailed inviting an artist/DJ/producer to Beijing for a two-month residency, and Grime: An Intro, an exhibition and book focused on Grime music.



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Miro China

日期: 2018年11月29日
地点: 凹凸空间
导演: Mark Reeder
放映之后Mark Reeder,杨海崧,和Tom Mouna将进行现场讨论

这部电影讲述的是西柏林20世纪80年代这个充满了音乐艺术的狂野岁月。这个被墙围住的城市成为了地下文化和流行文化的大熔炉。在柏林墙倒下之前,一切的一切似乎都可能发生。B级片 则是这段极具创造力的疯狂岁月中未公开发行过的电影电视及录像资料的快速拼贴,在一个夜长日短的城市里从朋克文化追溯到“爱的大游行”音乐节。那个地方从来不关注长久的成功,而追求的是活在此时此刻此地——西柏林这个已经不存在的地方。

随着Annette Humpe, Blixa Bargeld, Nena, Nick Cave, David Bowie, Gudrun Gut, Westbam, Joy Division, Zazie de Paris, Die Toten Hosen, The „real“ Heino, Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Ärzte, Die Unbekannten, Malaria!, Notorische Reflexe 和许多其他明星的出现,Mark Reeder娓娓道来讲述他迷人的柏林故事。

Marke Reeder 出生于1958并成长于英国曼切斯特。他是一位音乐人,制作人,混音师,和电影人。Reeder的音乐生涯跨越四个年代,台前幕后参与了许多现已出名的音乐艺术人的工作,涉足了广泛的当代音乐类型。自1978年开始Reeder就在柏林生活和工作。1981年他成立了名为darkwave乐队Die Unbekannten, 1984年成立了Shark Vegas。同时他管理了全女子先锋乐队Malaria! 。1978至1983年之间,他是Joy Division和传奇曼切斯特厂牌 Factory Records 的德国代表。

在1990年,他创立了东德的第一个电子舞曲厂牌 MFS (Masterminded For Success),主打的艺术家包括Cosmic Baby (Harald Bluechel), Dr Motte, Effective Force (Johnny Klimek) 和 Mijk van Dijk。1992年2月,MFS发行了世界上第一个Trance音乐的合集Tranceformed from Beyond,这些MFS的音乐人后来也都成为了柏林Tresor夜店第一个合集的主打艺术家。1991年,Reeder还发现了年少的Paul van Dyk, 并一步步把他打造为世界级的DJ巨星。

2008年起他暂停了MFS的工作从而转移到自己的音乐制作上。他曾为为Joerg Buttgereits颇受争议的电影Nekromantik 2以及法国冷战片Wolf's Call作曲。自己最新的专辑Mauerstadt发布于2017年12月份,其中包含与曼切斯特传奇New Order和The Inspiral Carpets的合作。

在2017年为期两个月的中国巡演中,Reeder为北京全女子乐队Hang On The Box录制了专辑Oracles,同时发掘了成都一个激进的乐队STOLEN。10年之后,Reeder决定重启MFS厂牌,为STOLEN录制发布专辑,意在把他们以及其他新一波令人兴奋的年轻中国声音带到世界的舞台上。

杨海崧,南京人,P.K.14 乐队主唱,音乐制作人,兵马司唱片主理人,诗人。1996年,组建乐队“西”,担任吉他手,创作歌曲“蓝色的月亮”,收录在在宇清和童玮亮制作的《97-98南京地下音乐记录》。1997年,成立乐队P.K.14,担任乐队主唱。1999年6月,随乐队PK14移居北京,在《摩登天空杂志》上发表单曲“蓝色的月亮”。2001年,乐队PK14发表首张专辑《上楼就往左拐》。2002年4月,乐队PK14签约Badhead唱片。

主持:Tom Mouna 是一位工作生活于北京的作家,DJ,策展人,筹办人和编辑。他的DJ名是Mouna Press,放一些既能跳舞同时也令人困惑的音乐。他曾与Kode9, Bruce, rRoxymore, Murlo, Akito, P Money and Double Clapperz共台演出,曾在伦敦组织过派对,现在也在北京组织一个叫The Neighbourhood的派对系列。他的写作曾发表在 Frieze, Art Review, ArtAsiaPacific,艺术界LEAP,aqnb 和 Radii。最近的项目包括夜生活驻地项目,面向全球招募艺术家或DJ来北京驻地两个月,以及Grime: An Intro,一个关于Grime音乐的展览和书籍。




Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Peking

Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen


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