designer Sonja Zagermann hold together with I: project space an artist-book workshop

Artist: Sonja Zagermann
Date: October 3rd 2015
Location: Baitasi Dongjiadao 26

Recently awarded with the “Most beautiful book of Switzerland and most beautiful book worldwide” designer Sonja Zagermann hold together with I: project space an artist-book workshop. Artists’ books are their own medium. They can have a traditional book structure or they can be sculptural objects, or elaborate constructions that experiment with new forms of book design. Artists’ books present artists also with a way of developing aesthetic ideas, telling personal stories or making political or social commentary.

Sonja Zagermann worked for four days with a group of young Chinese designers on artist books for upcoming Chinese artists. Therefore each designer worked in close collaboration with one artist or one group of artists to develop a new publication. The whole workshop took place in the first four days during the Beijing Design Week. On October 3rd the artist books will be presented in the exhibition of “Lucerne poster design” in Baitasi. The artist books will further become part of the growing library of I: project space and be available in Swiss and German independent artist bookstores.

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艺术家:Sonja Zagermann
时间: 2015年10月3日
地点: 白塔寺东夹道 26号

近期因作品获得“瑞士最美的图书和世界最美的图书”的设计师SonjaZagermann将会和I: ProjectSpace一道发起“艺术家丛书工作室”活动。艺术家丛书是属于他们自己的发行作品,他们可以把书籍设计成不同的书本结构,亦或是雕塑物体,哪怕是精心雕琢的建筑物等种种带有实验性质的书籍设计。艺术家丛书还可以向艺术家提供一条提升自身美学感官的道路,向别人阐述故事的能力和作出政治或社会批判等。

SonjaZagermann与四名年轻的中国设计师合作,为初出茅庐的中国艺术家设计图书。所以,每一个设计师都与某个或某组艺术家合作,设计出一个全新的发行物。整个工作室的工作时间将会在于白塔寺举办的“北京设计周”的前四天,10月3日,参加本次活动的艺术家需要在“卢塞恩海报设计”的展览中交出自己的作品。而艺术家丛书将会成为逐渐壮大的I: Project Space的图书典藏中的一部分,同时,这些书也将会出现在一些瑞士和德国的独立艺术书店。


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