CCC with Monika Szewczyk回顾

ccc - curatorial chitchat

Date: June, 17th, 2016(Friday)15:00—17:00
Location: 中央美术学院美术馆 多功能会议室
Speaker:Monika Szewczyk
Moderators: Antonie Angerer &Anna-Viktoria Eschbach,王春辰
Organizer:I: project space, 中央美术学院美术馆
invited experts:
Antonie Angerer
Anna-Viktoria Eschbach
Clemens Treter
Cai Meng
Thomas Eller
Max Gerthel
Han Xinyi
Jan Hopf
Jiaxing Chao
Mia Yu
Fu Xiaodong
Xia Yanguo
Yuan Fuca
Wang Chunchen
Wang Wenting

Within the workshop series “ccc - curatorial chitchat” visiting curators will get into a discussion with based in Beijing-basedcurators about projects they have worked on, engaging questions of place, publics, and cooperation. This small-scale talk series is the continuation of I: project space´s conversation about curating in China. In an intimate setting curators will engage in a profound discussion about international art practice.The talk should foster relations between curators based in China andinternational curators and should open the discussion for future collaborations.

The last talk featured a presentation by Monika Szewczyk, curator of the documenta14 and curator at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, University of Chicago. Szewczyk discussed her curatorial practice as well as the concept of “learning exhibitions” and how documenta14, which has the working title “Learning from Athens”, wants to engage with the city.

Monika Szewczyk is currently curator within the team of documenta14 in Athens and former the Visual Arts Program Curator at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, University of Chicago, where she also lectures inthe departments of Visual Arts and Art History. Her most recent exhibition at the Logan Center, Szalon, foregrounds art practices rooted in oral traditions and borderline aesthetic experiences. Previously she was Head of Publications at the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam (2008–11), Assistant Curator at the Vancouver Art Gallery (2004–07), and Exhibitions Coordinator at the University of British Columbia’s Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Satellite Gallery in downtown Vancouver. She has taught at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design(Vancouver), the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam), and the Bergen Art Academy. Her writings have appeared in numerous catalogs as well as journals such as Afterall, Artforum, The Exhibitionist,and e-flux journalonline.

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时间: 2016年6月17日(星期五)15:00—17:00
地点: 中央美术学院美术馆 多功能会议室
主持人: Antonie Angerer &Anna-Viktoria Eschbach,王春辰
主办单位: I: project space, 中央美术学院美术馆
Thomas Eller
Max Gerthel
Jan Hopf

“ccc - curatorial chitchat”工作坊系列座谈会将邀请嘉宾策展人与北京策展人进行交流,探讨各自的项目,关注地点,公众以及合作等议题。这项小型座谈会是I: project space关于中国策展现状谈话的一个延续。在近距离的交流中,策展人们将共同构建世界艺术实践的话语平台。座谈会旨在加深北京与国际策展人之间的了解,并增进两方未来合作的可能。

这次座谈会我们邀请到了第14届卡塞尔文献展及芝加哥大学Reva and David Logan艺术中心策展人莫妮卡·茨维克(Monika Szewczyk)。茨维克上次谈话内容自身的策展经历,“展览学习”的理念,和以“向雅典学习”命名的第14届卡塞尔文献展如何与城市互动等话题。届时,我们还将邀请二十几位长期工作、生活在北京的策展人共同参与该话题的讨论。

莫妮卡·茨维克目前隶属于第14届卡塞尔文献展策展人团队,该展览将于2017年在雅典(4月8日至7月16日)和卡塞尔(6月10日至9月17日)举行;她曾任芝加哥大学雷瓦和戴维洛根艺术中心的视觉艺术项目策展人,并同时任教于该校视觉艺术与艺术史专业(2012—2014);她最近在洛根艺术中心策划的展览Szalon, 突出了以谈话形式为根基的艺术实践和临界美学经历;此前,她曾担任鹿特丹维特德维茨当代艺术中心的出版总监(2008—2011),以及温哥华美术馆的助理策展人(2002—2007)。此外,她还曾在温哥华艾米丽卡尔艺术与设计大学(2002—2007)、鹿特丹皮特茨瓦特学院(2008—2012)、卑尔根艺术与设计学院(2011)任教;并且,她还是众多杂志和画册的(联合)撰稿人,例如: Afterall、艺术论坛、e-fluxjournal网络期刊和The Exhibitionist等。


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