Chance Fiction 偶然的虚构

Character Workshop with Anna Zett

Date: Dec 06, 2017
Location: I:project space

In this workshop combines methods borrowed from Chinese and European fortune telling, with practices used in Live Action Role Play to help every one of us to develop a fictional character.

In the Chinese tradition your personal destiny (mìngyùn) consists of your predetermined fate (mìng) and your potential in a certain situation (yùn), also translated as luck. From a European perspective one might associate the former with astrology and the latter with tarot card reading. In the Chance Fiction workshop we are going to focus on the yùn-aspect and we will read cards, but the reading won’t be tied directly to our real-life situation and identity. But instead engaging with a fictional character we face the challenge to predict an unknown individual situation between future and past, sense and nonsense, order and disorder.

Our main tools will be a variety of theme poker decks, originally published for educational purposes, advertisement, propaganda and advice. Their accidental resemblance with tarot cards is used to explore the creative and analytic potential of chance-based storytelling. Everyone shall have space to find their own process and their own voice, so cross-cultural misunderstanding and trans-language confusion won’t have to disturb the experiment.

The workshop is open to everyone, while particularly addressing people with some experience in performance or creative writing. It will be held in English and Chinese, to speak one of these languages is enough. We will make audio recordings.

日期: 2017年12月6日
地点: I:project space


在中国的传统概念中,命运二字由命和运两个字组成—— “命”象征着早已被设定好的,即生命;而“运”则象征着实际的运势与历程。从欧洲人的角度来看,前者可以与占星术相关联,而后者与塔罗牌有类似之处。在Chance fiction (偶然的虚构)创作室中,我们将着重从“运”的角度切入。同时,我们将解读卡片即便这样的解读并不与我们的现实生活状况和自我认知相符。反而通过创造虚拟的角色并与之互动,我们的面对着预知未知个体状态的挑战——这挑战关乎未来与过去,合理与荒谬,井然有序与纷乱无章。



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