China Residencies 5 Year Anniversary Dumpling Art Party

Date: May 4th, 2018
Location: I: project space

China Residencies 5 Year Anniversary: Dumpling Art Party

What China Residencies Does

Map, research, and create a free online directory of opportunities in mainland China & Hong Kong for creative people from all over the world.
Fund excellent creative people and projects through residency programs and nurture the next generation of organizers and administrators through fiscal sponsorship.

Support and advise existing and envisioned residency programs across the region to foster sustainable creative exchange.

How This All Started

What if we made a website?

In 2009, when Crystal Ruth Bell was Red Gate Residency’s director and Kira Simon-Kennedy was her intern, Crystal realized that artists didn’t know about all the opportunities available, and that residency directors didn’t really know each other.

She found a bit of funding to prototype a website, and did a residency in Nebraska to build a business plan. Right after leaving Art Farm, Crystal was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma.

Crystal was the best, and even though she’s no longer around, her strength, generosity, good humor and dedication continues to guide everything we do.

Since 2013, we’ve hosted over 55 creative people and arts professionals in China! Our latest artists were Diane Zhou, Beatrix Chu and Daphne Xu, aka Sponge Gourd Collective 丝瓜集团 on the seventh edition of the #slowtrainresidency, a virtual residency where anyone taking a train to or in China can apply to take over our Instagram account and share their point of view from one of China’s 121,000 km of railways.

In April, Sponge Gourd Collective took over our Instagram to share with us the Harmonious Commute 跳出北京看北京, their journey "around the outskirts of Beijing's ever-expanding perimeter, documenting the displacement and profound changes along the soon-to-be-built high-speed rail lines connecting the new Jing-Jin-Ji region."

This research is also part of Beijing22, an open, independent, long-term curatorial project, which will investigate the dynamics of Beijing’s urban space in the five years preceding the Olympic Games in 2022. This forum was started by I: project space and Berlin-based artist Jannis Schulze. (

I: project space is an augmentation of what a contemporary art institution can be, by using the freedom that comes along with running an independent practice. The space is located in the old Hutong area of Beijing and is combining an exhibition space with a residency studio for visiting artists from China and abroad.

Taking its location in the center of Beijing but outside the art districts as a premise, I: project space engages in bringing an interaction with art back into the daily life.

Collaborating with local and international cultural producers, I: project space is constantly building networks with like-minded spaces all over the world to share information and to expand the impact of the independent art scene. Dedicated to build support structures for artists and open possibilities for long-term dialogues between artistic, curatorial, research and other modes of knowledge production.

On Wednesday, I: project space will also be celebrating the arrival of their new resident in collaboration with Asia New Zealand, Ted Whitaker. The multi-media videographer and art researcher is interested in media archaeology and combining media from different devices, sources and origins in China.

Date: 2018年5月4日
Location: I: project space







在2009年,当Crystal Ruth Bell还是红门驻地项目的总监、Kira Simon-Kennedy还是她的实习生时,Crystal意识到艺术家们总是发现不了眼前的机遇,而驻地总监们相互之间也并不真正了解。



仅从2013年起到现在,我们在中国就接待了55位创新人才和艺术家!我们最近在第七版#slowtrainresidency上接待的艺术家是Diane Zhou、Beatrix Chu和Daphne Xu,也就是Sponge Gourd Collective 丝瓜集团,#slowtrainresidency是一个虚拟驻地,在这一驻地里,任何乘火车到中国(或在中国乘火车)的人,都可以申请接管我们的Instagram账户,并从中国121,000km长的铁路上的任一处分享他们的观点。

在四月,丝瓜集团接管了我们的Instagram,并与我们大家分享了Harmonious Commute(跳出北京看北京),他们的行程“遍及北京不断扩大的市效地区,记录了不久将建成、连接新京津冀区域的高速铁路干线沿途的变迁。”

这一研究也是Beijing22项目(一个长期的开放式独立策展项目)的一部分,该项目将研究北京在2022年冬奥会开幕前五年间城市空间的动态变化。这一专题讨论项目由I:project space艺术空间和来自柏林的艺术家Jannis Schulze发起。 (

I: project space艺术空间是一个增强型的当代艺术机构,管理着一个独立的艺术实践空间,有创作的自由。该空间位于北京的老胡同区,由一处展示空间和一处驻地工作室组成,后者用于接待前来访问的中国和国外艺术家。

I: project space位于北京市中心但又不属于艺术区,也许是这个原因,它热衷于将与艺术的互动带回到日常生活中。

通过与本地和国际文化生产者的合作,I: project space正努力与全世界志同道合的组织建立一个网络,以便分享信息,扩大独立艺术界的影响。它还致力于为艺术家们提供支持,寻找艺术、策展、研究和其它知识生产模式之间长期对话的机会。

星期三时,I: project space还将与AsiaNew Zealand(亚洲新西兰)一起共同庆祝新驻地艺术家——Ted Whitaker的到来。这位多媒体摄影师和艺术研究家对媒体考古学和来自不同来源、设备的中国组合媒体很感兴趣。

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