dì 地儿

Exhibition with Utopia Group, Invisible Elephant, Songxi and Yang Xinjia

Date: Nov, 8, 2014 - Jan 10, 2015
Location: I: project space

Artists:Utopia Group, Deng Dafei & He Hai | Invisible Elephant,Qiu Jia, Song Song, Fan Mengyue, Wang Zicong | Song Xi & YangXinjia

With its second exhibition dì 地儿, I: project space is reaching outside the physical limitations of the exhibition space and invites three artist groups that work intensely with space and its surroundings. Through various interventions, they repeatedly warp and reshape the exhibition space and invite the spectators to actively and playfully consider the expectations they have towards an art venue.

The space is rethought as a platform, a reference point or even just a possibility. All the artists invited for this exhibition work in artist collectives to enhance their outreach and to form micro-institutions or artistic infrastructures of their own.

The group Invisible Elephant is working directly with the physical space of I: project space. With their intervention they switch the outside and the inside of the art institution. Through a Camera Obscura they project the courtyard and the spectator watching the work on the gallery wall.The intervention literally highlights the unique placement of I: project space by doing so.

As a form of satellite project Apartment of Dreams by Song Xi & Yang Xinjia completely leaves the limits of the singular space behind and is taking place at a Migrant worker neighborhood. The two artists invite other artists to take part in a very special Artist-in-Residence program where they live and work in a surrounding of Migrant workers for one week.During that time they will be equipped with 60 RMB every day. This is the equivalent of the minimum wage of a worker. The artist will use the time, to interact with their new neighbors, work on new art works and also document their time on a public Wechat-Account. The idea and experiences behind “Apartment of Dreams”will be discussed with an artist talk at I: project space.

For Palace of memories with James Legge Utopia Group will work together with the neighbors of I: project space and other artist for a recording project. Building a fictional history in a mash up together.

The exhibition is curated by Antonie Angerer and Anna-Viktoria Eschbach.

日期: 2014年11月8日 - 2015年1月10日
地点: I: project space

艺术家:乌托邦小组(邓大非&何海), 盲象独立艺术机构(仇佳,宋松,樊梦悦,王孜聪), 宋兮&杨欣嘉

I: project space的第二个展览_dì 地儿_将试图触及到展览空间的实体边界之外。被邀请的三个艺术小组将紧密地利用空间及其环境氛围进行创作。通过不同介质的介入,艺术家们将重复地进行和重塑展览空间,并会主动地邀请在场观众对正在进行的艺术行为提出思考和表达他们对该作品的预期。




在_理雅阁的记忆之宫II_中, 乌托邦小组将与I: projectspace的邻居以及其它艺术家一起合作一个记录项目,共同筑建一个混合在一起的虚构历史。

本次展览将由Antonie Angerer和Anna-Viktoria Eschbach策划。

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