Datafiction 数据小说

Performance by Lotte Meret Effinger

Artist: Lotte Meret Effinger
Date: Dec 2, 2018
Location: Raw Material Space

Rather than representing a threat, technology could present an opportunity to address and counteract bias.

Lotte Meret Effinger has used her residency in Beijing to research about the Chinese social credit system. Surveillance and data collection shapes and affects our lives in ways where we not only are seen, but also play, explore, take selfies, and photograph others. Participating in digital networks means more than ‘using’ algorithmic infrastructures; it requires cultivating and maintaining a networked self that consists of personalized and intimate relationships.

In her work, Effinger explores intimate habits with technology and focuses on the active role of engaging with data. Together with programmer and designer Marco Buetikofer, she intends to expand these narrations into a video game. On Sunday you can discover some of the first short stories in a performance setting at Raw Material Bar with music and drinks.

About the artist

Lotte Meret Effinger (Born 1985, Berlin) is a German artist and designer. Her projects and collaborations range from video, publishing, installation, performance to curating and writing. The main focus of her artistic practice is to analyze the effects of digital media and new technology on our self-identity.

This project is supported by

Goethe-Institut China

艺术家: Lotte Meret Effinger
日期: 2018年12月2日
地点: 原料空间


Lotte Meret Effinger 利用她在北京驻留的时间调查了中国的社会信用体系。监控和数据收集影响和重塑着我们的生活,这个过程中我们不仅仅只是被看到被观测,而也在积极地在其中玩耍,探索,自拍,和拍摄他人。参与数字网络不仅仅意味着利用计算机算法的基础设施,而更多地是培养和维护一个在个体的和亲密的关系中“联网的”自我。

在她的作品中,Effinger会探索人们使用科技的私密习惯和参与数据过程的积极角色。和程序员与设计师Marco Buetikofer一起,她计划将这这样的叙述扩张为一个电子游戏。周日,伴着音乐和酒水,欢迎你来原料酒馆参与我们的行为表演,探索这个游戏首章的一些短故事。


Lotte Meret Effinger (出生于1985,柏林)是一位德国艺术家和设计师。她的作品与合作项目涵盖了视频艺术、出版、装置艺术、行为表演和策展写作。她的艺术意在探究数字媒体和新科技如何影响自我身份的构建。


Goethe-Institut China

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