Don't look at me that much 《别一个劲看我》

A film by Sam Miers

Date: July 18, 2017
Location: I: project space

“In order to make up our minds we must know how we feel about things to understand them, and to know how to feel about things we need the public images of sentiment that only ritual, myth and art can provide” (Clifford Geertz)
Most of the representations we get of Yunnan are ones of untouched paradise, home to primitive colourful happy people. The problem with this is that tourists come to Yunnan expecting this emotionally shallow representation and many of the ethnic minorities buy into it to commodify their culture.
Sam Miers' film is an emotional geography of Yunnan and an effort in what he calls emodiverse marketing. Recent studies have shown that emo diversity is a key contributor to mental and physical health. He believes that showcasing a broad range of emotions that make up Yunnan allows a healthy domestication of elsewhere. The idea is that such representations can lead to better health for the people of Yunnan and a more sustainable development of culture that appreciates its emodiversity and sees its attraction.
Sam Miers spent five months in Yunnan last year filming at ethnic minority festivals, clubs, in the streets, and in the bush. This film will be presented as part of his thesis for the University of Melbourne this year. The thesis analyses his films implementation of ideas surrounding cosmopolitanism, narrative ethnography, emodiversity, montage, actor-network theory, urban ethno musicology and hermeneutic phenomenology.

日期: 2017年7月18日
地点: I: project space

Sam Mier的电影即是一部对云南情绪地图的纪录,通过这个作品他希望尽力实现一种,被他称为情绪多元的市场效应。近年来的研究显示情绪多元化可以成为促进心理和生理健康的关键因素。他相信,丰富呈现云南地区各种情绪的广度,是更健康的一种将该区域文化通俗化的方式。它可以提高本地居民的健康水平,而且能够认同并正面推广情绪多元化的文化发展策略也是更可持续的。
导演Sam Miers去年在云南生活了五个月,走入少数民族节日庆典、夜店、街头和当地自然环境中拍摄。本片将作为他今年在墨尔本大学毕业作品的一部分来放映。SamMiers的毕业作品将通过分析该片的实现过程,进一步讨论世界大同主义、叙事性民族志、情绪多元化、蒙太奇、演员人际理论、都市民族乐、解释现象学等议题。

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