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Film Screening & Q&A with Jovana Reisinger

In collaboration with the Goethe Institut China we welcome you to a screening of the film series »pretty pretty mad sad« by our current resident Jovana Reisinger on Friday, May 10th at I: project space. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the artist in English and Chinese.

Date: May 10th, 2019
Time: 19:30 - 21:30
Address: I: project space
Beixinqiao Banqiao Hutong Nr. 10, 100007 Beijing

Film Language: German with Chinese subtitle
Q&A: English and Chinese with consecutive interpretation

Born in Munich and raised in Munich and Austria, Jovana Reisinger is an artist, writer and filmmaker. She has published the four-part film series »pretty pretty mad sad« between 2016 and 2018, with the four individual films »pretty boyz don’t die«, »pretty girls don’t lie«, »mad girls don‘t cry« and »sad boyz get high«. Two of the short movies, »pretty boyz don’t die« and »pretty girls don’t lie«, were each awarded with the Zonta Preis Oberhausen in 2017 and the Starter-filmpreis der Stadt München in 2018, respectively.

“In her four-part film series ‘pretty pretty mad sad’ (2016-18), Reisinger developed a specific language, that uses TV-commercial slogans, an exaggerated and sometimes uncomfortable directness, and a male Voice Over, that accompanies and sarcastically comments on the existences of the protagonists, who dream of a glamorous and better life. The result is a critical, yet humorous way of dealing with topics like the performance of class and power, heteronormative ideals, fixed social concepts of being a woman, and beauty standards, fashion, consumption, and the industries behind them. In 2018 the film series was presented as a 24-hour screening with the title ‘non-stop-kino’ in the entirety of Kunstverein München.”

Christina Maria Ruederer, Curator

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北京德国文化中心·歌德学院(中国)与I: project space合作,共邀您于5月10号周五在I: project space观看系列电影《漂亮的美女悲又疯》。该系列电影由歌德学院现驻留艺术家尤瓦娜·莱辛格执导。放映结束后将由导演带来映后谈。

时间:19:30 - 21:30
地址:I: project space
北新桥板桥胡同 10号 100007 北京



“在她的四段式系列电影 《漂亮的美女疯又悲》(2016-18年)中,莱辛格创造出一种独特的电影语言,将电视广告词,过分夸张甚至有时令人不舒服的直白语言和男性旁白结合起来。虽然电影的主人公向往纸醉金迷的生活,故事的情节却伴随着画外音——一个男声的讽刺性评论展开。用这种讽刺但不失幽默的方式,导演探讨了社会阶层与权力、异性恋观念、女性的社会角色、审美标准、时尚、消费以及这背后的整个行业等问题。2018年6月,该系列电影以‘不间断电影sad’为主题,在慕尼黑艺术协会内实现了24小时循环放映。”

——策展人 克里斯提娜·玛利亚 ·吕德勒


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