Exhibition curated by Vaida Stepanovaitė


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I spotted a ghost island once.

I believe it has been claimed before, and reclaiming land is no easy feat. Technically speaking, it can be a truly grueling act. It might take different measures, and one of them is to employ a dredge. A dredge – a floating plant – buries its metal claws into the seabed to scramble out sand and rock and mud and weeds. It plunges its pump to gush out thousands of square kilometers of sediment up to the surface. A fresh piece of territory is laid out onto the unsuspecting coral reefs, by relocating valuable materials from great depths.

Sometimes, the islands appear this way in the international waters, floating there as strategic vessels of fortified ecosystems. When spotted, they might turn from the watchful eye back into seclusion, or shape-shift into something less of a threat.

Ghost islands haunt the seas, practicing ambiguity as a tool of power, or a means of survival. They float in the undercurrents, creating and capturing the fluctuating capital on their way. The accumulation bears weight, coming down with an invisible force to crack the sediment apart again.

To haunt, is to reclaim.


Curator: Vaida Stepanovaitė (Kabinetas)
Artists: Anastasia Sosunova, Ma Jianfeng, Money Haven, Tomasz Kobialka

Exhibition opening: July 14th 2019 4 pm
Exhibition visiting with the curator: July 19th 5–8 pm, July 23rd 4–7 pm, July 26th 12–4 pm, and by appointment

Publication presentation and closing event: July 28th 2019 4pm

Visuals: Studio Cryo

The exhibition is presented as part of an ongoing curatorial residency by Vaida Stepanovaite at I: project space, happening on June – July, 2019. The exhibition and residency is kindly supported by the Lithuanian Culture Institute and Lithuanian Embassy for China.

Vaida Stepanovaitė is an independent curator and lecturer based between Lithuania and Berlin, Germany. Since 2015, Vaida has been a co-runner and curator of a nomadic project space Kabinetas, which is being developed as an ongoing practice-led research node. In her work, Vaida is concerned with the notion of curatorial as an expanded knowledge-sharing praxis in relation to the performative space; having staged solo and group shows, as well as performative installations, discussions, and other gatherings in Europe and now in Beijing. Vaida holds a BA in Art History and Criticism.


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我相信这个岛已经被人占有,重新收回土地并不是一件容易的事情。从技术上讲,它会是一个相当艰苦的行动。可能需要采取不同的措施,其中之一便是采用挖泥船。挖泥船 - 一种漂浮的植物 - 将金属的爪子扎入海底,把水下的沙子,岩石,泥土和杂草翻动。它把泵插进水底并将上千平方公里内的沉积物喷射出水面。通过从海洋深处调动有价值的材料,一块新的领土便被安置在毫不设防的珊瑚礁上。





策展人: Vaida Stepanovaite

艺术家: Anastasia Sosunova, 麻剑锋,Money Haven,Tomasz Kobialka

展览开幕: 7月14日,下午4点。 展览将持续到7月28日

策展人现场解说: 7月19日 下午5点到8点, 7月23日下午4点到7点, 7月26日下午12点到4点,需要提前预约

出版发布及闭幕活动: 7月28日,下午4点

本次展览“幽灵岛“作为一个持续进行的策展驻地计划在2019年6月-7月由Vaida Stepanovaite发起,并由立陶宛文化机构,以及立陶宛驻中国大使馆支持

Vaida Stepanovaite 是基于立陶宛和德国柏林的独立策展人和讲师。自2015年以来,Vaida一直是游牧项目空间Kabinetas的联合策划人和策展人,该项目空间正在逐渐形成一个持续以实践为主导的研究节点。在她的作品中,Vaida关注如何将策展作为与行为表演空间相关,扩展的知识分享实践;在欧洲和北京策划过个人和团体表演,以及表演装置,讨论和其他聚会。Vaida拥有艺术史和批评学学士学位。

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