Gloss 光鲜亮丽

Performance and exhibition by Chunyin Rainbow Chan

Date: Sep, 22 - Oct 7, 2018
Location: I: project space

The rhetoric of originality is linked to the way that capitalism claims a natural history of ownership and possession. The counterfeit product, on the other hand, poses a key threat to Western conceptions of authorship and therefore profit. Through obvious acts of copying, the counterfeit reconfigures familiar commodities into incoherent signs. As such, the fake exposes that value is not innate but socially-determined by rituals that are more vulnerable than we might imagine.

Gloss aims to interrogate the socio-political significance of the counterfeit and its representation. How can images of fake designer goods reveal the way power is constructed and propagated in fashion photography, social media and advertising? How can low quality rips and bootlegs disturb the seamless synergy of pop songs, video streaming platforms and online shopping?

Gloss will bring together interdisciplinary practices through an installation work comprising of music, sculpture and performance to focus on the global circulation of the counterfeit in various forms. Embedded in media theory and cultural studies, this project will experiment with different digital media, image making, performance, and songwriting methods. It will “misuse” tools that standardise sound such as translation apps, autotune, voice generators and file compression. The linguistic and aesthetic errors generated in the process of quantisation serve as a metaphor for the impacts of Westernisation on modern China. The garbled end result also alludes to tongue-in-cheek nature of knock off goods. As such, Gloss will propose a unique perspective on counterfeits and creativity in post-socialist China.

About the artist

Chun Yin Rainbow Chan works across music, performance and installation. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Sydney, Chan is interested in mistranslations, diaspora and the effects of globalisation on modern Chinese society. Her research engages with the authentic and the copy, exploring sites of exchange and desire which complicate Western notions of originality and appropriate consumption. Central to Chan's work is the circulation of knock-off objects, sounds and images in global media. Her work positions the fake as a complex sign that shapes new myths, values and contemporary commodity production.

Tying together her works across installation and pop music is the relationship between nostalgia, migration and identity. She released her debut record Spacings (Silo Arts & Records) in 2016, which was feature album on FBi Radio, Radio Adelaide & RTRFM. She’s been nominated for numerous awards including FBi SMAC 2016 for Best Live Act, Record of the Year, and AIR 2017 Best Dance/Electronica Album. Her stunning single "Let Me" won SMAC Best Song of 2017.

Rainbow has performed extensively including live appearances at Sydney Opera House, Museum of Contemporary Art, Gallery of Modern Art, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Museum of Old and New Art, Iceland Airwaves and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Her installations have been exhibited with Firstdraft Gallery, Liquid Architecture, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art and Longli International New Media Arts Festival, China. Composing in a wide range of styles, Rainbow has created soundtracks for ABC web documentary, "The Glass Bedroom" directed by Kate Blackmore, Sydney Opera House’s podcast “It’s A Long Story”, and a live score commissioned by AGNSW as part of “Starburst”: Chinese Film Season (2018). She is one half of the techno duo, DIN, and also releases experimental music under the moniker Chunyin. Rainbow is currently working on her sophomore album.

日期: 2018年 9月22日 - 10月 7日
地点: I: project space


光鲜亮丽旨在质问假冒伪劣商品和其影像的社会政治意义。假冒名牌商品的图像如何揭露权力与利益在时尚摄影、社交媒体和广告里的构建与散播? 低质盗版音乐与视频如何打断流行歌曲、在线视频和网络购物间无缝的协同能量?




穿插在她的装置艺术和流行音乐之间的线索是怀旧之情、移民和身份之间的关系。她的第一张专辑Spacings (Silo艺术与唱片)发布于2016,成为了悉尼Fbi电台,Radio Adelaide,RTRFM电台的主打专辑。她曾被多个奖项提名,包括Fbi SMAC 2016年的最佳现场奖,最佳唱片奖,和AIR2017年的最佳舞曲/电子专辑。她的惊艳单曲 “Let Me”获得了SMAC 2017年的最佳歌曲奖。

陳雋然多次在悉尼歌剧院、悉尼当代艺术博物馆、现代艺术画廊、新南威尔士美术馆、新旧艺术博物馆、冰岛电波音乐节和国立台湾美术馆表演过。她的装置艺术曾展出于Firstdraft画廊、Liquid Architecture、4A当代亚洲艺术中心和贵州龙里国际新媒体艺术节。陳雋然以广泛的风格作曲,曾为澳大利亚ABC网络纪录片It’s A Long Story做原声带,并由新南威尔士美术馆委托创作过澳大利亚星尘华语电影季中的乐谱。她同时也是DIN的Techno二人组的成员,也以Chunyin的名字发布过实验性音乐。陳雋然现在正在制作她的第二张专辑。

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