I Have a Mission

Exhibition with Missionary Magazine

I Have a Mission

By Missionary Magazine (Zhu Zhaokang, Zhang Jiyang, and Yu Shiyuan)
Opening: 4:00pm - 9:00 pm, Saturday, June 15th
The exhibition runs from June 15th to July 8th
Address: Banqiao Hutong 10, Beixinqiao, Dongcheng

I: project space is pleased to present the exhibition I Have a Mission in collaboration with Missionary Magazine. The works exhibited are from their second issue, which will be also presented during the course of the show. The artist collective is formed by Zhu Zhaokang, Zhang Jiyang, and Yu Shiyuan.

The starting point of their second issue is Zhu Zhaokang’s experience suffering the Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue. Together the artists made work to address the politics around the sick, queer body, and the changes manifested on the appearance after a 12-hour surgery.

The exhibition intends to highlight these photo works among others from their second issue in a spatial context, examining the politics of appearance in relation to the precariousness of queer lives. The photo installation hanging in the air depicts the Dongdan Park in Beijing, a cruising spot for gay people since the pre-internet time. Today, older generations of gay people are still very active there; their encounters are not mediated by images, and they look for fun in invisible spaces. The images on the cross are from a staged die-in of three drag queens. The photos become film stills of a movie that does not exist, tell stories that we do not know, and attempt to remember the uncountable queer lives that are lost to violence.

In an era of pink economy where sexuality colludes with neoliberal consumption, where bodies are morphed and glossed to their maximum potential, the artists use the language of fashion photography and faux film stills to zoom in on commonplace individuals and the “undesirable” bodies. The photo-installation at I: project space will shed light on questions of body, aging, sickness, violence, mourning, and of visibility and public spaces.

We want to invite you to cruise through some images of desire, pain, and vulnerabilities with us.

About Missionary:

Missionary is an independent publication based in Beijing. Formed together by Zhu Zhaokang, Zhang Jiyang, and Yu Shiyuan, the magazine bring aesthetic focuses on the LGBTQ + communities.

They published their first issue in September, 2018, and second issue in June, 2019. They have participated in abC (art book China) art book fair in Shanghai (2018) and Beijing (2019),
Hong Kong Art Book Fair (2019), ArteBA in Buenos Aires (2019), and Tokyo Rainbow Pride (2019). Their publication can be found in Queer Reads Library in Hong Kong, QPP in Tokyo (loneliness books), Pon ding Bookstore and Wild Flower Bookstore in Taipei, JAMin 肩硬 in Chongqing, Forestbooks in Suzhou, abC Bookstore in Beijing, and Gay’s The Word Bookstore in London.

For more information about their work, you can follow them on WeChat @DaddyGreenBasement, and instagram @missionary_magazine

Photographer of drag queens: Xie Yu


传教士杂志展览 (朱兆康/张佶洋/于什原)

I: project space 很高兴展出与传教士杂志合作的展览《我有一个使命》。展出的作品来自他们也将在展览期间呈现的第二期出版物。这个出版物由朱兆康、张佶洋和于什原制作。


该展览旨在从空间语境里的重点突出第二期出版物中这些以及其他的照片作品,以探讨外表政治与酷儿生活无常性 (precariousness) 的关系。悬挂着的照片装置描述的是北京的东单公园。东单公园在网络时代之前就已经是同志们经常寻觅的地点。今天,这个公园依然是老年同志经常活跃的地方,他们之间的相遇不必通过图像做媒介,在一个不可见的地方寻觅欢乐。十字架上的照片和装置描绘的是变装皇后上演的死亡照(die in),图像似乎是一个不存在的电影的剧照,讲述着一个我们不知道的故事,对那些因为酷儿身份而逝去的生命做悼念。

在粉红色经济的时代,性 (sexuality) 与新自由主义消费谋和在一起,身体被变形,被变得无比光鲜。传教士的艺术家们便使用时尚摄影的语言和假电影剧照的形式来聚焦普通人和“不受欢迎的”身体。I: project space 的照片装置将揭示身体,衰老,疾病,暴力,哀悼以及能见度和公共空间等问题。



传教士是一本基于北京的独立出版物。该杂志由朱兆康,张佶洋和于什原共同创作,为LGBTQ +社区投向审美的关注。

他们在2018年9月发表了他们的第一期出版物,在2019年6月发表了第二期。他们参加了abC (art book China) 艺术书展的上海站(2018)和北京站(2019),香港艺术书展(2019),阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯的ArteBA艺术书展(2019),和东京彩虹骄傲游行(2019)。他们的出版物在这些地方都可以找到:香港 Queer Reads Library 流動閱酷,东京QPP (loneliness books),台北Pon ding书店和Wild Flower Bookstore 荒花书店,重庆 JAMin肩硬,苏州 Forestbooks,北京 abC书店,和伦敦的Gay’s The Word。

更多关于他们作品的信息请关注@DaddyGreenBasement(微信),和 @missionary_magazine (instagram)。

变装皇后摄影师:谢宇 Xie Yu
Photographer of drag queens: Xie Yu

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