I: project space in Art Basel 2015, Hong Kong.

I: project space in Art Basel 2015, Hong Kong

I: project space in Art Basel 2015, Hong Kong.

Dear audience of I: Project Space:

Good news for all of us!

We are proud to tell you that in Art Basel, Hong Kong (2015), we’ve been part of the scene, which is a really good opportunity for us to communicate with other art organizations and help more artists.

Here’s the details about what we are part of:

Cultural Residencies in China | 3:30–5pm (17th)
Host: Kira Simon-Kennedy, Programme Manager, China Residencies
Thea Baumann, Founding Director/CEO, Metaverse Makeovers,Shanghai
Anna Eschbach,Founder, Curator & Director, I: project space, Beijing
Ingrid Chu, AAA Public Programmes Curator
Brian Wallace, Founder, Red Gate Residency, Beijing
Christina Li, Incoming Director, Spring Workshop, Hong Kong

With over 40 residency programs across greater China that provide artists with the time and space to create, experiment, and explore, the administrators of these independent art spaces seldom meet to discuss their shared missions, challenges, successes, and aspirations. This session invites the directors of various cultural residencies throughout China to gather and exchange ideas.

亲爱的各位I:Project Space的观众:

我们有一个特别好的消息要向你们宣布!2015年的香港ArtBasel艺术展(香港巴塞尔艺术展)有了I:Project Space的身影,我们将利用这个机会,与更多的艺术中心进行交流合作,争取为更多的艺术家提供更好的机会和项目。


艺术家驻留计划在中国| 3:30–5pm
Thea Baumann(上海 Metaverse Makeovers 创办人及总监)
Anna Eschbach(北京 I: project space 创办人、策展人及总监)
Brian Wallace(北京红门艺术家驻场计划)


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