IAS 2019

Map of the independent art scene in Beijing. Discover 24 exciting, local projects!

Foregrounded by China’s decades-long imperative to urbanise, the topography of contemporary art remains in constant flux throughout Beijing. Offering an up-to-date snapshot of the landscape, the IAS Map 2019 is an indispensable bilingual research tool, profiling the locations and backgrounds of participating institutions. Far from claiming to represent a “complete” picture of such a dynamic scene, the IAS Map 2019 stands as an interactive reference guide, inviting users to add spaces that are omitted, have since disappeared or in the future have the potential to be.

In collaboration with LAVA Beijing, Independent Art Spaces developed a map that not only provides you with the location of art spaces for when you explore the city, but doubles as a design object that you can keep updating with your favorite spaces and make it your own!

How to use your map:

Scan the QR code to get to the precise location (via baidu maps)
Make use of the additional stickers if you find a new art space, or if an existing art space has moved to a new location
Turn it into your personal map of Beijing’s independent art scene!

Post-launch, the IAS Map 2019 will be available in museums as well as design and art book shops across Beijing and internationally. Follow us on WeChat to find out where to get your IAS Map 2019.

About Independent Art Spaces

Independent Art Spaces (IAS) is a network that seeks to unite Beijing's patchwork of alternative, non-profit and non-commercial galleries in the spirit of sharing knowledge and purpose. Each year, Independent Art Spaces selects a different theme for public events towards the end of summer.
Beijing is the petri dish for a growing network of new and alternative art platforms in all sorts of environments: From the small alleyways in the city’s hutongs, to programs in artists’ studios, to exhibitions in private apartments and spaces in residential buildings in various parts of the city. Characterized by strong conceptual approaches, open dialog and by incorporating parts of the city in which art could flourish away from the predetermined art zones, these spaces have merged into a network of dynamic art exchanges making new contributions to the progress of the discourses of contemporary art in China. This broad spectrum of programs is mirrored, archived and made publicly accessible by Independent Art Spaces.


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BigSmall Coffee
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Australia Council for the Arts
Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Peking
Japan Foundation

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Sinclair Arts

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同LAVA Beijing合作,这份设计地图不仅能够帮助你探索城市独立艺术空间,还可以作为一个可以不断更新的设计品,成为你独一无二的个人艺术指南。


发布仪式之后,《独立艺术空间地图2019》也将在北京和国际的一些知名博物馆以及设计和艺术书店上架。 请通过关注我们的微信公众号,得到获取《独立艺术空间地图2019》的方式。


独立艺术空间节(IAS)是一个促进独立艺术空间联动的活动,以分享知识为主旨将北京的小众空间、非营利和非商业画廊聚集在一起。每年,独立艺术空间节会在夏末组织面向公众的不同主题的活动。北京这个城市彷佛一个巨大的培养皿,在这里各种新艺术和小众艺术平台不断涌现:从分布在城市胡同里的小巷,到艺术家的工作室,再到私人公寓的展览以及居民楼的空间 。 这些空间以极强的概念为出发点,开放地对话并汲取城市的艺术养分,而不被规划好的艺术区所限定。这些空间在城市中编织出一个动态的艺术网络,成为中国当代艺术语境中不可或缺的一部分。 独立艺术空间以这些广泛的项目做镜像、归档并面对公众开放。


Australia Council for the Arts

Sinclair Arts


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