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A letter from BABEL LELAB, calling for exchange of the flags as an occasion to meet and talk.

Date: April 8, 2018
Location: ii Space

A buffering sign is exchanged with a simple gesture.

We talk about ideas of mobility and exchange from space to space, artist to artist.

We, Arthur Debert, Lola Göller, Carola Uehlken and Benjamin Zuber are artists based in Berlin connecting the art space BABEL Berlin to project spaces in Hangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, Prague and Shanghai. The SPZ Galerie in the center of Prague served as the starting point for this project. Artists are invited to send a digital file of a flag to be exhibited in public in front of their project space. The buffering sign as a place holder will be exchanged with an image dedicated to our first collaborative program in Hangzhou.

By the end of March, we organized BABEL - LELAB an experimental art event. We brought together artists referring to the potential of minor and major misunderstandings in language, transfer and mobility. What does traveling mean to us in a global networking world? How does our communication depend on physical interaction?

Buffering signs are waving in the wind of Prague, Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing waiting for us to be replaced. Please find all information about BABEL LELAB online and don‘t miss the exchange of the flags as an occasion to meet and talk.

All the best,

Arthur Debert

Lola Göller

Carola Uehlken

Benjamin Zuber

时间: 2018年04月08日
地点: ii Space



我们Arthur Arthur Debert,LolaGöller,Carola Uehlken和Benjamin Zuber是柏林的艺术家,他们将柏林柏林艺术空间连接到杭州,北京,香港,布拉格和上海的项目空间。布拉格市中心的SPZ Galerie作为该项目的起点。艺术家们被邀请发送一个标志的数字文件,在他们的项目空间前公开展示。作为地点持有者的缓冲标志将与专门用于我们在杭州的第一个合作项目的图像进行交换。

到三月底,我们组织了BABEL - LELAB一个实验性的艺术活动。我们汇集了艺术家,指出在语言,转移和流动方面存在轻微和重大误解的可能性。旅行在全球网络世界对我们意味着什么?我们的沟通如何依靠身体互动?

在布拉格,香港,杭州,上海和北京的风中,缓冲迹象正在等待着我们被替换。请在网上查找关于BABEL LELAB的所有信息,并且不要错过交换旗帜以作为见面和交谈的场合。

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