ii space Opening at Baitasi

Date: 21st of April, from 5pm to 10pm, 2017
Location: Gongmenkou Dongcha 29

We cordially
invite you to the
opening party of ii space !

Music by

Asian Eyez

Inauguration show [ Artist and the 京 ] will present a kaleidoscope of video work by artists based in Beijing and their view on this ever changing and exciting city.

Get a glimpse of the development of Amy Suo Wu’s project called “Thunderclap”, an action to distribute the work of an early Chinese feminist and anarchist, He Yin Zhen (1886-1920?). Her bold writings were considered radical and dangerous in her lifetime and gradually have been erased from the historical record in China. “Thunderclap” aims to reinsert her writing back into history and public knowledge by publishing her work in the form of clothing as ‘walking billboards’ to explore the potential of subversive decoration.

“Thunderclap” is a part of a larger body of research project called “The New Nüshu”. Amy is our first resident in the new Baitasi location.

And we are welcoming our second artist in residence Juliet Carpenter. Come and see some of her earlier works!

ii space

📍 is a new platform for Beijing’s creative scene in the inspiring location next to the White Pagoda. It is not only a new space for art experimentation and presentation for the local scene, but is also the new home for I: project space’s residency program. We are happy that we can now offer two research spots for artists in the heart of Beijing.

Join us to celebrate a new chapter for I: project space and an additional platform for independent art practice in Beijing!

This project is supported by
This event is supported by I: project space's
new sponsorBischofshof and Weltenburger Beer !
Our new residency space is supported by
Beijing HuaRong JinYing Investment & Development Co. Ltd

时间: 2017年4月21日
地点: 宫门口东岔二十九号


来自不同领域的艺术家为庆祝 ii space 落成而拍摄的短视频作品将在开幕式上首次放映!生活在北京的艺术家们眼中的这座城市是什么样?

陈凌杰 / 程一文 / Frederik Foert / Emma Jaay / Christin Kaiser / Marion Kalter / Nichamon Kittisimanont / Lhaga Koondhor / Orvil Layne / Lin Zi / 刘治邦 / Artémise Ploeg / 孙墨青 / Jochen Stierberger / 王梦寒 / 王竹馨 / Fan Xia / Frank Xie / 姚新会 / Qi You / 周岩 ... …

有机会一瞥 Amy 吴索的 “ 霹雳 ” 项目,她将通过此项目来四处 “ 散布 ” 一个清末中国女权主义者兼无政府主义者 —— 何殷震(1886-1920?)的思想。何殷震在世时,她大胆的文字写作被视为极度激进和危险的言论,并不断地从中国历史记录里被洗刷掉。Amy 的 “ 霹雳 ” 项目旨在将何殷震的文字写作重新带回历史叙事和公众的视野范围之内,通过将她的文字写作转换成衣物印花的形式来重新 “ 出版 ”,以 “ 行走的布告板 ” (服装)的方式来拓展颠覆性装饰的可能性。

“霹雳 ” 是 Amy 正在进行的研究项目 “ 新女书 ” 下的子项目,她是我们白塔寺新址的第一位驻留艺术家。

同时,我们的第二位驻留艺术家Juliet Carpenter也刚刚入住新空间。届时大家可以看到她的过往作品!
坐落在北京西城的白塔寺旁。它不仅是一个鼓励艺术实践、研究本土生态的新空间,它还是 I: project space 的艺术家驻留项目在西城安的新家。我们很高兴如今可以在北京市中心向大家同时提供两个研究空间!

那么,快来参加我们下周五的开幕派对吧,和我们一起庆祝 I: project space 翻开的新篇章和北京城又一个新的独立艺术目的地!

Bischofshof 和 Weltenburger 啤酒赞助!
Our new residency space is supported by
Beijing HuaRong JinYing Investment & Development Co. Ltd

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