Independent Art Spaces 2017 Poster Party

Location: I: project space
Date: Aug. 28, 2017

Many of Beijing’s independent art spaces are deeply rooted in the hutongs – the city’s small alleyways that are often described as ancient despite their constantly changing nature. Change has hit Beijing’s hutongs especially hard this year, with a campaign of forced renovations and closures changing the face of the city’s hutongs once again. In a subversion of the blank slate this has created and in celebration of the original ad hoc nature of both the hutongs and the independent art spaces nestled within them, our posters for IAS 2017 offer you nothing. More specifically, we’re providing red markers and a blank space down the center of the posters ripe for your own reimagining. We’ve set only simple guidelines for drawing on the posters to allow for unexpected creativity, so their look is up to you. For IAS 2017 this year, please join Lava Beijing and I: project space on the 28th of August for a poster drawing party so you can enact your own small changes on a bit of Beijing space.

Location: I: project space
Date: Aug. 28, 2017

在北京的胡同中卧虎藏中着许多独立艺术空间。胡同,这些城市中的小巷子尽管不断的在经历着风貌改造,但还是被人们认为很古老而具有风韵。特别是在今年,北京的胡同中进行着一场如火如荼的“运动”,多少因政策被迫改造和停业的门脸又一次的刷新了这座城市中胡同的面貌。大量空白而又突兀的水泥墙壁正是新风貌中的一部分。为了体现“新风貌”的诞生、胡同的原始特色与藏匿于中的独立艺术空间,我们“独立艺术空间”活动的海报的设计也别具一格,体现了“空白”的状态。具体来说,就是我们提供红色马克笔和海报中心的空白区域来让你们表达出自己的想象。我们仅仅设定了几条简单的绘画规则,让你们来展现出令人意想不到的创意,所以海报的样子由你决定。Lava与I: project space邀请你共同参与2017年独立艺术空间活动:8月28日,来项目空间,参加一场海报绘画聚会,你可以对北京的变化画出自己的见解。

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