Its blueness soothes the sharp burn in your eyes

Group Exhibition at Loris, Berlin

Date: April 7 - May 6, 2017
Location: Loris - Berlin
Artists: Wu Ding,Martin Kohout, Dongyoung Lee and Michiel Hilbrink, Anahita Razmi, Nina Wiesnagrotzki

The exhibition pays tribute to the post factual world that crystallized itself in 2016. This multi-layered, complex and sometimes only subjective view on the world that feeds itself with bits and pieces of information from the Internet. The new media, with its myriad screens and streams, makes reality so fragmented it becomes ungraspable, pushing us towards, or allowing us to flee, into virtual realities and fantasies. The flight into techno-fantasies is intertwined with economic and social uncertainty. The abuse of facts and the decline of the authorities on facts have revealed how utterly fragile and easily manipulated facts can be and how virtually all authoritative information sources need to be challenged.

Its blueness soothes the sharp burn in your eyes will show artists and their multiple ways of creating or offering alternative views of our realities, point out how realities are constructed and can be obstructed or manipulated. The works in this exhibition will bring the viewer to a halt to rearrange his view, think critically about our perception and start to construct their own standpoint.

For this exhibition, I: project space incubates Loris at Postdamer Straße as a space that functions as hybrid between different worlds, different realities. The Beijing-based space has functioned as a connecting space between different cultures, multiple perspectives on art and initiator for exchange of different ideas since 2014. Part of the practice is to enter a discourse and create interruptions to start new dialogue independent from the already existing one.

With: Wu Ding, Martin Kohout, Dongyoung Lee and Michiel Hilbrink, Anahita Razmi, Nina Wiesnagrotzki

Curated by: Antonie Angerer & Anna-Viktoria Eschbach

日期: 2017年4月7日-5月6日
地点: Loris - Berlin
艺术家:吴鼎,Martin Kohout, Dongyoung Lee and Michiel Hilbrink, Anahita Razmi, Nina Wiesnagrotzki

2016年,后真相世界成型,此次展览即是一次对它的致敬。这个层叠繁复、有时极度主观的世界观,持续不断地从互联网上摄取着点滴信息。新媒体的八面玲珑使得人们无从依托愈益碎片化的现实世界,进而被推入——又或者说退入——虚拟世界中。 经济和社会性的不确定感,进一步驱动着这架驶向科技幻想的航班。真相的爆炸和暴虐,加上一度掌控真相的权威走向式微,展露出两件事情:真相本身的脆弱、易被操控性,和网络时代中,对权威信息发出质疑的必要性。

它的蓝舒缓了你眼中的厉焰 中,将展现诸位艺术家如何用不同方式创造、提供面向现实的新视角,点破我们现实是如何被塑造,被遮掩,乃至被操控成不同面貌。参展的作品将会为观者提供一个停顿的空档来调整视角,批判地思考我们现有的认知方式,并重新构建他们的立场。

I: project space 将用 Loris at Potsdamer Straße 来作为一个不同世界、不同现实的混合空间。这所基于北京的空间自2014年起,一直作为不同文化、艺术视角的连接地,以及思想交流的触发者而运转着。在这些实践中,IPS试图介入现有的讨论来开启一些独立于现有内容的新对话。

Curated by: Antonie Angerer & Anna-Viktoria Eschbach

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