Let´s get physical, physical Internet!

performative happening by Michelle Proksell

Date: June 20th at 4pm,2015
Location: I: project space

“Let’s Get Physical, Physical Internet” is a free underground avant garde alternative experimental momentary performative happening brought to you by Beijing-based independent curator, researcher and artist, Michelle Proksell, in conjunction with the exhibition Wang Wang Wang at I: Project Space.

We often forget the physicality of the Internet and our reliance on its servers around the world. But the Internet is as physical as our ability to access it. How have we come to depend on it? How does it comfort us? How does it agitate us? How does location affect our ability access to it? How do we use it to fulfill our material needs? How does it preserve our own physicality?

By plugging in and tuning out, Michelle uses displaced sounds, awkward movements, annoying selfies, questionnaires and found audio from online sources to explore the Internet and all its obvious and subtle nuisances in relationship to it’s physicality.

日期: 2015年6月20日
地点: I: project space

Let’s Get Physical, Physical Internet”是一场由驻扎在北京的研究者、艺术家及独立艺术馆馆长媚潇带来的前卫、独立且带有实验性质的演出。这场演出也是隶属于I:project Space举行的“网网网”系列展出的一部分。



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