Maria Pomiansky: 100% Renaissance

Book Launch of Maria Pomiansky: 100% Renaissanc

Date: July, 5, 2018,
Location: I: project space

In the work cycle 100% Renaissance, to which the present publication is dedicated, Maria Pomiansky takes us on a tour of the neighborhood as she perceives and experiences it today. She created her urban portraits of Zurich West between 2013 and 2018. It is a part of town that is full of viaducts, logistics facilities and infrastructures, and at the same time it is in transformation, seeing the emergence of glamorous new buildings. Viewing the large-format paintings, the drawings and pastels, we become immersed in an exploration of the immediate urban and social context of her practice.

At the book launch Maria Pomiansky held conversation with Philippe Jorisch & Stefan Oeschger (JOM architects) &Vadim Levin

日期: 2018年7月5日
地点: I: project space

在作品 百分之百文艺复兴 书中,艺术家Maria Pomiansky带着读者以及她的视角一起走进了她成长生活的环境。她的笔下描绘出了苏黎世西部在2013年到2018年之间城市的变化,以及其所带来的社会影响。从高架桥以及基础设施到高楼大厦的崛起,读者得以从艺术家经历的视角纵观对这个城市的迅速发展。

现场艺术家Maria Pomiansky与Philippe Jorisch(JOM 建筑师)以及Stefan Oeschger(JOM 建筑师)与Vadim Levin举行了对话

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