Exhibition by Kalinka Gieseler

Artist: Kalinka Gieseler
Date: 2017.6.19 - 7.15
Location: I: project space

About the artists

During her residency last summer, Kalinka Gieseler immersed herself in studies and observations of the visual realities of Beijing, especially the contemporary iconography of its commercial spaces. With her photography, she captured the diversity of Beijing’s commercial imagery.

This work started her fascination with the aesthetics of black and white prints that are omnipresent in Chinese fashion. One of its characteristics is the use of English words in an ornamental function. English is perceived as the lingua franca of coolness, as it is being used excessively by fashion brands like Moschino, Supreme or BOY. Slogans like “Not Eccintric Keynote Samtricity” form visual and sonorous poetry, which at first glance resembles some kind of outlandish code.

Mirroring the usage of words, Kalinka Gieseler plays with the photographic material in the exhibition space. With a similar associative superimposition, she transfers images to a new visual poem of consumption.


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This exhibition was made possible by the Goethe-Institut China

艺术家: Kalinka Gieseler
时间: 2017年6月19日 - 7月15月
地点: I: project space


去年夏天在I: project space驻留期间,Kalinka Gieseler一直沉浸于研究观察北京的视觉现实,并尤为留意城市中商业空间呈现的当代图像志,她通过摄影捕捉了北京多元化的商业图像。

这一系列的实践激发了她对席卷了中国时尚潮流的黑白印花美学的痴迷,此美学特征之一便是将英文单词作纯装饰性运用。在Moschino、Supreme和BOY一众时尚品牌的推波助澜下,英文在中国被认知为“酷”的同义词,如“Not Eccintric Keynote Samtricity”这一类乍看之下颇为异域且形似密码的标语,构成了视觉和听觉上有虚有表象却无实际意义的诗歌 。

Kalinka Gieseler效仿中国商业社会中这些对英文文字的运用,在展览空间中活用摄影素材;她通过将图像进行类比联想式的叠印,使其转化成为一首有关消费的新型视觉诗歌。



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