On the Re-collection of Memories

Artist Talk: Bettina Katja Lange

Bettina Katja Lange, our current resident at I: project space, has been interested in the stories behind ordinary objects and spaces the traces they leave behind. At the end of her 2.5 month residency, we invite you to an artist talk with Bettina Katja Lange on May 20th, where she will give an insight into her research.

Artist Talk: Bettina Katja Lange
Date: May 20th, 2019
Time: 19:30 - 21:30
Address: I: project space
Beixinqiao Banqiao Hutong Nr. 10, 100007 Beijing

In our daily life we are surrounded by all kinds of objects. While often unnoticed, these items are a permanent repository of information. In her work as a stage and costume designer, Bettina uses the information content of objects, to focus on telling the stories of characters and defining their traits through the surrounding. Items, clothing and rooms are inherently biographical. Since collecting is an ubiquitous cultural technique and the relationship between a person and their collection is unique, each private living space bares witness to a person’s existence.

A long term accommodation can serve as a memory bank which keeps accumulating personal details over time. If people move, for instance as a result of rural migration, they are forced to choose what they take with them. What they keep is a condensed essence of what they might want to remember from their past.

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Bettina Katja Lange是目前在I:project space驻留的艺术家,她对日常物体和空间背后的故事以及他们留下的痕迹感兴趣。在她驻留北京2个半月的时间即将结束时,我们邀请您于5月20日与她进行一场关于艺术的对话, Bettina将对她的研究内容展开深入的讨论。

艺术家谈话:Bettina Katja Lange
时间:19:30 - 21:30
地址: I: project space
北新桥板桥胡同10号,100007 北京

在日常生活中,我们被各式各样的物件包围着。虽然这些物件经常被忽视,但它们自身也携带着人们日常生活的信息。在她作为舞台和服装设计师的工作中, Bettina利用物体携带的信息,讲述不同人物角色的故事,并通过他们所处环境来设计他们的性格特征,人们的衣物和房间自带叙述性。鉴于收集物品的现象出现在不同的文化中,每个人和他们的私人物品之间的关系都是如此独特,因此私人的生活空间可以见证一个人背后的故事。



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