In This Moment 在这片刻

Solo exhibition by John Monteith

Artist: John Monteith
Date: Dec 7, 2018 - Jan 15, 2019
Location: I: project space

Literary techniques of reading historically, intertextually, constructively, and deconstructively at the same time can be woven into our understanding of urban spaces as lived spaces that shape collective imaginaries. We have come to read cities and buildings as palimpsests of space, monuments as transformable and transitory, and sculpture as subject to the vicissitudes of time… The strong marks of present space merge in the imaginary with traces of the past, erasure, and loss.

——Andreas Huyssen

I: project space is pleased to present our latest solo exhibition In This Moment, a new body of photo works by Canadian artist John Monteith and resident in our research project Beijing22.

As Beijing undergoes massive structural changes and swift redevelopment of its political, cultural and spatial dynamics, Monteith has spent the last four years documenting the disappearing neighborhoods along the Bahe river. While focusing on the quotidian, heavily textured surfaces and provisionally placed materials bear the trace of time.

These close observations are photographed, then digitally punctured, layered and shifted. Adjusting for focus and opacity, Monteith formally constructs each image in reference to a double exposure, each photographic construction lingering within the intersection of past and present. Images dislocated from their surroundings, while concealing as much as they reveal, ask for a response that measures reflection with meaning.

As photographic compositions, this body of work not only documents corners of the city which go often unnoticed but interprets urban space as contingent and constructed. Through referencing issues of temporality, ephemerality, disappearance, and indexicality Monteith gives space new form, perspective and weight. Functioning intertextually, with physical references to drawing, painting and weaving, this exhibition connects the interior of the gallery to the city beyond.

About the Artist

Born in Toronto, Canada, Monteith graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from Parsons, the New School for Design (2008) and is currently a faculty member of the University of Toronto, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design.

He has exhibited internationally including exhibitions at the 7th Beijing Biennale, the Tate Modern, London, the Schinkel Pavilon, Berlin, the Taipei Contemporary Art Centre, Taiwan, X Initiative, New York, the DUMBO Art Center, New York, Sàn Art, Ho Chi Minh City, and SALTS, Basel and is represented in Canada by Division Gallery and Switzerland by Galerie Wenger.

This exhibition is a part of Beijing 22

This project is supported by
Canada Council for the Arts

艺术家: John Monteith
日期: 2018年12月7日 - 2019年1月15日
地点: I: project space



I: project space 很荣幸将呈现加拿大艺术家John Monteith的最新个展 “在这片刻”,展出Monteith最新创作的一系列摄影作品。Monteith是我们研究计划“北京22”的驻留艺术家。



作为摄影构图,这一系列作品不单单只是记录城市中常常不被注意到的角落,而更多地是把城市空间诠释为根据景况条件而构建的临时空间。思考着时间性、短暂性、消失和指代 (indexicality) 的问题,Monteith给空间带来新的形式、视角、和重量。这次展览在互文性的作用下,与素描、绘画、与编织都有着物质上的参照关系,意在把画廊的内部空间与城市的另一边连接起来。


Monteith出生于加拿大多伦多,2008年从纽约帕森设计学院获得艺术硕士,现任教于多伦多大学的John H. Daniels建筑与设计学院。

他在国际上的展出包括第七届北京双年展,伦敦泰特美术馆,柏林Schinkel Pavilon,台北当代艺术中心,纽约X Initiative, 纽约DUMBO Art Center,胡志明市Sàn Art,和巴塞尔市的SALTS。他在加拿大由Division Gallery代理,在瑞士由Galerie Wenger代理。


Canada Council for the Arts

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