Politics of Display 展示的政治

One-day conference

Date: March 10, 2016
Location: 中央美术学院美术馆 CAFAM
**Speakers: Cai Meng, Cui Cancan, Feng Boyi, Fu Xiaodong, Ma Yongfeng, Wang Chunchen, Xia Yanguo, Zandie Brockett

One-day conference organized in cooperation between I: project space (Antonie Angerer and Anna-Viktoria Eschbach), Yellow Mountain Foundation and CAFA - Central Academy of Fine Arts

Following the demand for a radical examination of the social role of the museum, it is not confined to deconstruct the conditions and formats of the museum (such as canonized collection display or aesthetic viewing habits), it also needs a close look on the museum as a ‘space of action’ allowing for a shared, multi-voiced practice.

Interventions in the structures of art institutions always contain the potential of rendering the politics of these institutions visible, and thus generating new ways of speaking and thinking about the institutional organization through a curatorial practice. Changes that are needed to constitute a new field of action and enable us to engage with institutions as negotiable and trendsetting entities.

The conference “The politics of display” will examine different concepts of curatorial practice in relation to institutional systems. The discussion will take place with some of the most interesting curators in China to try to get a deeper understanding of different curatorial concepts and national characteristics.

日期: March 10, 2016
地点: 中央美术学院美术馆 CAFAM
嘉宾:蔡萌,崔灿灿,冯博一,付晓东,马永峰,王春辰,夏彦国,张桂才(Zandie Brockett)

此次一日会议由I: project space (妮妮和夏波安娜)、黄山基金会和中央美术学院共同举办




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