Artist: Rikke Ehlers Nilsson, Maj Horn, Johannes Sivertsen, Ditte Soria, Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Astrid Myntekær, Sif Hedegård, Scott William Raby

Date: April 1st 2018—31st July 2019
Location: I:projectspace

Response is a multi-faceted art project that is initiated by the artists Rikke Ehlers Nilsson and Astrid Myntekær and is currently supported by the Danish Arts Foundation. The artist led non-profit organization COPING - which is an acronym of the two main cities involved, Copenhagen and Beijing - was founded to help realize the project's goals.

The first iteration of the project will consist of an art exhibition and temporary artist-in-residence organized by COPING taking place at I: project space in Beijing. The exhibition, also entitled Response, will work thematically with translations as the first fundamental step towards establishing a dialogue with and understanding of each other’s cultural contexts. As an extension of these initial translations, we wish to create an open framework for an investigation of how contemporary art can co-create a dialogue between different visual cultures between Denmark and China.

Within this general framework, Response seeks to present eight individual projects, all existing in flux and undergoing changes and modifications throughout the month-long duration of the exhibition. We hope to engage in an active interaction with the audience by integrating a high frequency of social events, such as talks, discussions, and performances. During our stay in Beijing, the space of the gallery will undergo a steady change to accommodate a social frame for meetings and connections between Danish and Chinese artists, I: project space, and local audiences in Beijing.

The exhibition at I: project space will serve as the starting point for a publication to be produced by COPING with the artists involved after the exhibition. The idea is that the publication will serve as an experimental platform for artists, art writers, and thinkers involved with the project to reflect upon, share, document, and theorize their cultural exchanges between Denmark and China to broader publics. In the interim development between the initial exhibition and the launch of the publication, an online presence for Response will be established to communicate the shifts, progresses, and ideas between these physical and literary aspects of the project to a broader audience. As it is our intention that the exhibition at I: project space should not to be seen as a concluded process culminating with us leaving Beijing, a follow-up exhibition organized by COPING with predominantly Chinese artists is to take place in Denmark – a response to the response that will accompany the exhibition in Beijing, publication, and communication platform.

Furthermore, COPING has invited the Danish art writer and historian Louise Steiwer of to join the project. She will assist in writing about the project in Denmark, through an article on, and articles in various Danish, European and Asian publications.

This project is supported by
Danish Arts Foundation
Danish Embassy China
Baitasi REMADE


艺术家: Rikke Ehlers Nilsson, Maj Horn, Johannes Sivertsen, Ditte Soria, Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Astrid Myntekær, Sif Hedegård, Scott William Raby

时间: 2018年4月1日---2019年7月31日
地点: I:projectspace

Response是一个多元化的艺术项目,旨在响应丹麦文化部2014至2016年度的报告,通过建立长期的艺术和文化关系来增加与中国的文化交流。此项目由艺术家Rikke Ehlers Nilsson和Astrid Myntekær发起,目前由丹麦艺术协会提供支持。为了帮助实现项目目标,艺术家们成立了非营利组织COPING——其名字是项目两座主要参与城市哥本哈根、北京的英文缩写。



I: project space的展览将成为展后COPING和艺术家们合作出版物的一个出发点。我们对此出版物的定位是一个实验性的平台,让参与该项目的艺术家、艺术撰稿人和思想家们有一个地方可以回顾、分享、记录下丹麦和中国之间的文化交流,把过程和成果理论化,并传播给更多的受众。从最开始的展览到出版物的诞生之间的这段中期发展过程中,我们将为Response设立网站,将项目物质上和精神上的转变过程展示给线上访客。I: project space的展览并不是一个句号,艺术家离开北京也并不是一个过程的完结;在丹麦,COPING与中国艺术家们还要组织一个后续展览,而这次展览将是对北京Response展览、出版物和网上平台的一个回应(Response)。



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