Salon, Breakfast, Hoops

artist talk with Daniel Stubenvoll

Date: Feb 20, 2015
Location: I: project space, Mahjong place

Friday, Daniel Stubenvoll would like to invite everybody to the first episode of "Salon, Breakfast, Hoops". The event will take place at the notorious Majong place in front of I: Project Space at BanQiao Hutong 10. Daniel will get Baozi and the other delicious things for everybody. We will watch the live broadcast of the NBA games “San Antonio Spurs” against the “Los Angeles Clippers”. In between commercial breaks Daniel might talk about art project of friends back in Germany.

日期: 2015年2月20日
地点: I: project space, 麻将室

在本周五的时候,Daniel Stebenvoll将邀请大家来参加第一期“沙龙、早餐和篮框”活动,这次活动将会在I: Project Space门口(板桥胡同10号)的麻将屋举行,Daniel会为大家买包子还有其他的一些美味小吃,同时还会和大家一起收看NBA(圣安东尼奥马刺对洛杉矶快船)。在比赛中间的广告时间,Daniel会和大家一起聊聊他在德国那些做艺术项目的朋友们

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