Screening with Anna Zett and Ute Adamzcewski

Date: Oct 31, 2017
Location: I:project space

Ute Adamzcewski‘s video installation La Ville Radieuse Chinoise claims similarities between an urban concept of European modernity (the Ville Radieuse from Le Corbusier) and the postmodern chinese city of today. Two bisect pictures form a split screen presenting the city as a complex structure. In a fictuous dialogue Le Corbusier and China discuss the outcome of modernity.

In Anna Zett’s trans-genre film This Unwieldy Object you follow the protagonist on a road trip into the dusty heart of the USA, where fossil traders, sculptors and scientists are trying to reconstruct the plot of natural history, the plot of progress. The story ends in the middle, but her journey continues. Dig sites become crime scenes, and fossils turn into characters, determined to play a main part in the violent history of the American Frontier.

日期: 2017年10月31日
地点: I:project space

Ute Adamzcewski的视频装置_La Ville Radieuse Chinoise(闪闪发光的中国城市)_讲到欧洲现代的城市概念 (勒 柯布西耶的光辉城市) 和当下中国后现代城市之间的相似之处。一个分隔屏幕的两个等分图将城市呈现为一个复杂的结构。在一个虚构的对话中,柯布西耶和中国讨论了现代性的出路。

在Anna Zett的论文电影This Unwieldy Object 中,她的主要工作首先是跟随主角公路旅行到美国尘封的中心,那里,化石交易员、雕塑家和科学家在策划自然历史的重建,密谋着反对殖民背景下过去和现存暴力的计划。

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