Silk X Neighborhood Present Bonaventure

Silk X Neighborhood

2018年3月8日 Thursday
@Dada Beijing

Support DJs:
Puzzy stack
Mouna Press

S!LK是植根于北京的电子音乐与艺术品牌,推崇未来的声音与制造先锋的音乐现场,由两位北京新一代俱乐部代表Puzzy Stack和Bloodzboi掌舵,邀请过诸如像Air Max '97,Abyss X,Trekkie Trax,DJ Paypal,NAAFI等国际制作人DJ,积极影响着北京地下音乐场景的发展。

Silk, an electronic and art brand rooted in Beijing, is good at promoting the sound of future and manufacturing pioneer music live show. The brand is organized by two young bloods and executed by Puzzy Stack, who is a new representative of Beijing's club music. Silk has invited lots of international producers like Air Max' 97, Abyss X, Trekkie Trax, DJ Paypal, NAAFI and so on. It makes them influence the development of Beijing's underground music scene actively.

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