China Premiere of Tamás St. Auby´s film Centaur (1973-75/2009)

China Premiere of Tamás St. Auby´s film Centaur

Date: Feb 17, 2015
Location: I: project space

China Premiere of Tamás St. Auby´s film Centaur (1973-75/2009) at I: project space.

Hungarian/Swiss artist Tamas St. Auby`s film Centaur was banned in 1973 before completion. The film was digitized and restored in 2009. Since then it has been shown in various museums and galleries and at the Istanbul Biennale. On the 17th of February I: project space will show “Centaur” for the first time in China.

“[...] The centaur is half animal, half human. The sound film as such is centaur: image and sound. In this case, the image is the visible, material realm, what is given, the world in which we live, what exists, the status quo – the horse body of the centaur; the audible voice is the evaluation, the plan, the thing that will be, the bodiless, the invisible, the spiritual world, the trespass, the mutation, the transcendence, the other world, the mind, the will, the future, that which is coming into existence – the human part of the centaur, in parallel. […] The film juxtaposes – or to be more exact, superimposes – a realistic and a utopian dimension. Thus, this is not a horizontal space/time montage, but a vertical sphere-of-existence montage. A mutation montage. Α 39-minute instant mutation. […]”
Excerpt from an interview with Tamás St. Auby, manuscript, 2006

Tamás St. Auby (*1944) - his numerous alternate names include Szentjóby, Staubsky, Emmy Grant, St.Turba, etc. - started off in the underground scene and worked in a broad range of media. He became one of the pioneers in Hungary for happenings and conceptual art. In 1966, he co-created the first Happening in Hungary and is still promoting the ideals of the international Fluxus movement. He established IPUT (International Parallel Union of Telecommunications) in 1968 to cause and accelerate the inevitability of Basic Democracy and Basic Income. For participating in the samizdat movement he was forced into exile from his native country in 1975 to his origin: Switzerland from where he returned to Hungary in 1991. One of his latest works is the Portable Intelligence Increase Museum: as the Agent of NETRAF (Neo Socialist-Realist IPUT's Counter Global Art-History-Falsifiers Front), he collected the works and documents of the Hungarian unofficial art scene of the sixties (1956-76) and presented them in a specially designed transportable multimedia study environment throughout Europe.
Curator: Wolfgang Obermair

Tamás St. Auby 影片 “Centaur(半人马)”(1973-75/2009)在I: project space进行中国首映

日期: 2015年2月17日
地点: I: project space

1973年,匈牙利/瑞士籍艺术家Tamas St. Auby的影片“半人马”在还没完成的时候就被当时的政府取缔了,但在2009年以数字化的形式得以恢复,从那时起,影片就在众多博物馆和艺术馆中反复上映,甚至登上了伊斯坦布尔双年展。在2月17日,“半人马”将会在I:project space开启它的首次中国之旅。

Tamás St. Auby (1944-) :他有着众多的艺名:Szentjóby, Staubsky, Emmy Grant, St.Turba等等,从地下艺术开始做起并且涉及到大量的媒介介质,他逐渐成为了匈牙利的“Happenings”和观念艺术界的先锋代表。他于1966年再匈牙利和其他艺术家共同创立了第一次 “Happenings”,而且,他至今都在推行国际激浪派运动的理念。1968年,他创立了IPUT(电信国际并行联盟),引发并加速了基层民主建立和基本收入保证的必然性。因为加入了“地下出版物运动”,他被迫在1975年背井离乡离开祖国,被放逐到他的“户籍所在地”瑞士直至1991年才回到匈牙利。他最新的作品是便携式智能增长博物馆,作为NETRAF (Neo Socialist-Realist IPUT's Counter Global Art-History-Falsifiers Front)的代理,他收集了匈牙利20世纪50年代至60年代(1956-1976)非官方的艺术领域中的作品和文件,并将这些呈现在一个经过特殊设计的移动式多媒体环境中,在全欧洲展出。

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