「The Art of Living」 Martine Gutierrez 马丁古提雷斯

Collaboration between New York-based SCREEN and Beijing-based I: project space.

Artist: Martine Gutierrez
Date: 2016-05-04

The real creativity of an artistic practice usually isn’t on display in a gallery, fair, or museum. It happens in private, often long before supposedly “artistic” work has begun. We’re talking about processes like negotiating rent; getting or quitting part-time jobs; putting in the hours of writing applications or finding supporters; making or breaking budgets.

Duchamp famously reduced his appetites to a bare minimum, often smoking instead of eating, so that he wouldn’t have to go to work. What are the strategies available to us today? Inventing lifestyles that make art-making possible is the most serious challenge facing artists today. That’s why the ways that artists get by and stay creative is the subject of this survey.

In this collaboration between New York-based SCREEN and Beijing-based I: project space, a group of young artists in New York, Berlin and Beijing will respond with images and links to a questionnaire on their living and working conditions. This survey will be published on SCREEN’s website and I: Project Space’s Wechat channel. The season will then culminate in a three-city screening series curated around the theme of stories of survival.

SCREEN is a New York-based curatorial collective and media art platform that fosters critical voices and new forms of exhibition for media-based practices.

About the artists

Martine Gutierrez (b. 1989) received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012. The Brooklyn based performance artist draws from eclectic media, acting as subject, artist, and muse, documenting her personal transformation into various imagined roles.

Through the transformation of physical space and composed self, Gutierrez investigates identity—both personal and collective. Interested in the fluidity of relationships and the role of genders within them, she employs mannequins as her counterparts to explore the diverse narratives of intimacy. Life size backdrops and props interchange with physical locations in a dialogue about reality. Integral to her work is the active participation of the viewer.


时间: 2016-05-04

简介:这个数位影像的对话系列是纽约的SCREEN 以及北京的I: project space合作的项目。我们对在北京,纽约,还有柏林生活的年轻艺术家进行了一个他们生存状态的调查,他们用影像,链接等呈现他们的回应。


杜象曾为了降低工作赚钱的必要性,将他的食欲减到最低,以抽烟取代进食,今日的艺术家是怎么生存的? 发明让艺术创造变得“可能”的生活方式是今日艺术家最需认真面对的议题,因此艺术家如何获得灵感是这个调查的主旨。

这个数位影像的对话系列是纽约的SCREEN 以及北京的I: project space合作的项目。我们对在北京,纽约,还有柏林生活的年轻艺术家进行了一个他们生存状态的调查,他们用影像,链接等呈现他们的回应,这些调查结果会在SCREEN网站以及 I: project space的微信号播送 。这个访谈系列的高潮会是一个三个城市串联的有关生存问题的放映活动


马丁古提雷斯(b. 1989)2012年于罗德岛设计学院获得美术学士学位。她目前居住在纽约布鲁克林,是位横跨各种媒材的行为艺术家,自身作为创作主题、艺术家与灵感泉源,记录下切换至不同幻想角色的转换经验。



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