House Party at aotu Space

FRIDAY 22ND MARCH 2019 4pm - late
āotū SPACE
Beixinqiao Toutiao 67

The Nightlife Residency invites you to our House Party this Friday, March 22nd at āotū Space, for an evening of art and music. The Nightlife Residency (NLR北京) supports artists who want to explore the visual arts and underground club culture and are building communities and dialogues in the nightlife scene and beyond.

Along with the lecture-performance “Three Chapters On Nightlife” by Fadescha,artist-in-residence at the Nightlife Residency II, this HouseParty will feature DJ sets with Slowcook, Asian Eyez, pocario, Where1s1t, Cortez, Simon Frank,Mouna Press, LI Funz and the screenings of 'The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome' (Kenneth Anger, 1954) and 'La Jetée' (Chris Marker, 1962) with live sets by Meng Qi and Silvernuz and Man Ling, and a Social Media Jersey workshop by Melting Wang.

And Chuanr!


4:00PM Doors open & Open Decks
5:00PM DJ Set by Ll Funz
6:00PM ‘The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome’ (Kenneth Anger, 1954) live set by Meng Qi and Silvernuz
7:00PM Lecture-Performance by Fadescha: “Three Chapters On Nightlife” + Q &A
8:30PM ‘La Jetée’(Chris Marker, 1962) with live set by Man Ling
9:00PM DJ Sets inc.Slowcook, Asian Eyez, pocario, Where1s1t, Cortez, Simon Frank, Mouna Press, andmore…!

About “The ThreeChapters On Nightlife”

Lecture-Performanceby Fadescha, 7 PM


MMXX is a proposal to bring Asian solidarity in music & nightlife industries through exchange and collaborations. People have thought of language and the internet as barriers in the exchange between Asian countries, most for their music industry also tends to seek westwards, the music being a borderless territory is proposed as a site to create a stronger movement towards collective east futures. This presentation will share some features and key stakeholders of underground music in the Indian nightlife.

2. Non-malecollectives as Transcultural Utopias for Music & Nightlife

The second chapter delves into the topic of diversity in the various non-male music collectives which have emerged globally. With the surrounding growing capital they are collaborating with each other in a way, translating and reflecting onto each others position and differences in movements, emerging strongly as bringing transculturalism into the music & nightlife spaces.

3. A Hardvapour DJ set by Fadescha

Internet-based genres have been emerging in the past decade. They give rise to a subculture in terms of art and aesthetics as well. While Vapourwave has been commercialised, other forms have remained on the Internet. The realm of the Internet provides small and safe communities for its users, which was the main function of the DIY underground scene in the 80s and90s. Now we have different technologies, similar things to be scared of and tohide from, yet our response for a site to find communities is constantly changing.

Hardvapour is an internet genre which came out in Dec 2015 as a response to the #Vapourwave, which was calmer, while this was harder with thicker synth sounds, influencedby gabber, punk and industrial. According to Matt Broomfield where Vaporwave"exposes the artificiality below the utopic sheen of late capitalism", Hardvapour "throws post-apocalyptic raves in defiance of dystopia." Many artists stated that they were coming from the poor eastern European countries, but that might have been a spam. As far as we know, there were producers from different parts of the world making Hardvapour tracks. Any discussion of hardvapour is banned from the official subreddit for Vapourwave.

This residency is organized in collaboration with The Neighbourhood and China Residencies, with additional support from Zhao Dai Club and M Woods and āotū SPACE.



2019年3月22日, 4pm - late

我们很荣幸邀请您参加3月22日由我们现在的夜生活Fadescha主办的凹凸空间#HouseParty和“夜生活三章”。夜生活驻地项目(Nightlife Residency, a.k.a. NLR北京) 想要探索当代艺术和夜生活文化领域,以及它们的交集与重叠。

这是一个与我们第二位夜生活驻地艺术家Fadescha和许多朋友们一起度过的亲密下午。Fadescha将会举行一个行为表演和讲座系列“夜生活三章”。问答环节之后,Slowcook, Fadescha, Asian Eyez, pocario, Where1s1t, Cortez, Simon Frank, Mouna Press, LI Funz 都会放一个DJ set。Melting Wang会在现场做一个社交媒体球衣工作坊。



4:00PM起大门开启,DJ deck向你开放
5:00PM LI Funz
6:00PM 放映‘The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome’ (Kenneth Anger, 1954)
7:00PM 夜生活驻地艺术家Fadescha的行为表演和讲座系列,以及问答。
8:30PM 放映‘La Jetée’ (Chris Marker, 1962)
9:00PM DJ Sets inc.Slowcook, Asian Eyez, pocario, Where1s1t, Cortez, Simon Frank, Mouna Press, 还有更多







3.Fadesha的Hardvapour DJ set


Hardvapour是一种互联网的音乐类型,于2015年12月发布,作为对更平静的#Vapourwave的回应。这是更加硬核的合成声音,受到gabber,朋克和工业的影响。根据Matt Broomfield的说法,Vaporwave“将人工性暴露在晚期资本主义的乌托邦光泽之下”,Hardvapour“无视反乌托邦,抛出后世界末日的狂欢。”许多艺术家表示他们来自贫穷的东欧国家,但这可能是混淆视听。据我们所知,有来自世界各地的制作人制作Hardvapour曲目。任何关于hardvapour的讨论都在Vapourwave的官方subreddit中被禁止。

此次驻地项目是与The Neighbourhood及China Residencies共同创办,并得到了招待所和木木美术馆的支持和凹凸空间。



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