Thunderclap in Sydney

Exhibition by Amy Suo Wu at Artspace Ideas Platform in Sydney

Artist: Amy Suo Wu
Location: Artspace Ideas Platform, Sydney
Date: Feb 22 - March 03,2019
Opening: Thursday February 21, 6 - 8 pm
Artist Talk: Saturday February 23, 4 - 5 pm
(Catch Amy Suo Wu in conversation with Sydney arts writer Soo-Min Shim)

Part shop, part sewing workshop and part exhibition, over the course of two weeks, artist Amy Suo Wu will premier her acclaimed work, Thunderclap for the first time in Australia. Thunderclap employs stenography to publicly redistribute the erased work of Chinese anarcho-feminist, He-Yin Zhen (1886-1920), through the medium of clothing accessories. Stenography is the art and science of hiding in plain sight - a form of secret writing that disguises hidden information within the public to evade surveillance, censorship and control. Thunderclap co-opts Shanzhai fashion, a Chinese phenomenon that features nonsense English together with QR code as a covert media to publish sensitive knowledge originally designed for a Chinese context.

Through methods of embodied publishing in patches and ribbons on clothing with quotes from He-Yin Zhen's forgotten feminist texts, Amy reinstates Zhen's writing back into the public arena. During the exhibition the artist will sew Thunderclap accessories on visitors clothes brought in from their own wardrobe, inviting the audience to embody these forgotten texts.

About the Artist

Born in China, raised in Australia and based in the Netherlands, Amy Suo Wu is an artist and designer. Her practice is an exploration into how to (re)activate, amplify and preserve erased or obscured histories in critical and playful ways.

Performance times: the installation will be activated by Amy at the following times. Be sure to bring your clothing items
Feb 21 Thurs: 6 - 8 pm
Feb 23 Sat: 11 - 4 pm
Feb 24 Sun: 11 - 5 pm
Mar 2 Sat: 11 - 5 pm
Mar 9 Sat: 11- 4 pm

In the day’s Amy is not in the Ideas Platform Amy will be working in her mum’s alteration and dry cleaning shop located on 323 Glebe Point Rd. As her shop is a service-based business, Amy will be of service to her mum and be embedded into her

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