Exhibition project by Hyewon Lee

Artist: Hanna Ljungh, Jessica Plumb, Wontae Seo, Wonyoung So, Suyeon Yun
Date: August 21st - 28th, 2016
Location: I: project space

Exhibition project by Hyewon Lee

Co-curated by Anna-Viktoria Eschbach and Antonie Angerer

Artist talk: August 22nd Hyewon Lee, SuyeonYun, ADL (Rouzbeh Akhbari, Felix Kamelson, Ash Moniz)

For the 2nd edition of Independent Art Spaces Beijing, I: project space invited Hyewon Lee and the exhibition “Waterline” to contribute to this year´s topic “Be Water”.

THE WATER PROJECT is an ongoing series of exhibitions and presentations on water conceived and initiated by Seoul-based curator and professor at Daejin University, Hyewon Lee. In August “The Water Project” will hold station in Beijing’s Hutong.

The exhibition “Waterline“ will show the work of five artists, whose work in one way or another comments or documents the challenges our present is facing in the politics of water and its global ecological impactdue to global warming and the commercialization of water as commodity.

The ice of the arctic in the far distant is presented in a close-up sound and video piece by Jessica Plumb´s “An Intimate Portrait”. The water dripping soundscape follows the visitor into the exhibition, which will finally be accompanied by the images of melting glaciers. The reminder of the speed the glaciers are receding is contrasted by two pieces on the re-forestation of Kubuqi desert in Inner Mongolia. While Wontae Seo’s little spots taken by a drone camera zooming in on the tiny spots unravel into hundreds of people planting the trees that should stop the desert from moving, Suyeon Yun takes a closer look at these tree planters from the ground level.

Wonyoung So´s digital worldmap represents visually the reality of water wars occurring from 3000 BC until recently and how these disputes have already increased dramatically in the last 5000 years, especially since the beginning of the new millennium. Human´s interaction and its attempts of dominance over nature is reveled in Hanna Ljungh´s work “How to Civilize a Waterfall”. Inspired by the dramatic expressiveness of hard rock music, Ljungh challenges a waterfall and tries to persuade it to turn into a hydroelectric power plant.

Organizers: IFP, I: project space, LAB47, ON SPACE

This project is supported by
New Century Art Foundation

艺术家: Hanna Ljungh, Jessica Plumb, Wontae Seo, Wonyoung So, Suyeon Yun
地点: I: project space

由Hyewon Lee展览计划

策展人: Anna-Viktoria Eschbach 和Antonie Angerer

讨论会: 8月22日 Hyewon Lee, Wontae Seo, Suyeon Yun, ADL (Rouzbeh Akhbari, Felix Kalmenson, Ash Moniz)

I: project space将于第二届北京独立艺术空间周期间邀请来自韩国的Hyewon Lee策划展览“水行”来对主题“试水”进行回应。

“水”项目由一系列持续性的有关于水的展览和相关活动构成。由生活于首尔的韩国大真大学教授Hyewon Lee发起。本项目今年八月将在北京的胡同内落地实现。

Jessica Plumb的“亲密肖像”呈现的是一段北极冰川的特写影像及声音。滴水声随观众入场并与冰川融化的影像相呼应。冰川快速消融与内蒙古库布其沙漠的再造林在此形成了对比。Wontae Seo用无人机对准了那些成百上千的在沙漠上植树的人。他们的所作所为阻止了沙漠的继续移动。在影像中,人群成为一堆小点,艺术家对这些植树者们进行了一番地景凝视。

Wonyoung So的数字世界地图将公元前3000年至今发生过的水战争都视觉化了出来。这些纠纷在过去5000年中,特别是进入本世纪以来急剧增加。在Hanna Ljungh的作品“如何教化瀑布”中,她对人类如何与自然互动、如何统治自然进行着讨论。在极具戏剧表现力的硬摇滚乐的激发下,艺术家Ljungh向瀑布发出了挑战,她试图劝说相关部门将其改造成水力发电站。

组织方: IFP, I: project space, LAB47, ON SPACE


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