What do you see when you look out the window? 你看到外面风景的时候会想到什么?

sticker book launch by Sponge Gourd Collective

*Date: Aug 27, 2018
Location: ii Space**

What Do You See When You Look Out the Window《你看外面风景的时候会想到什么?》, published along with the exhibitionA Day in the Outer Ring 《环外游》, is an interactive photo book designed for readers to alter by placing stickers on it. Designed to fit in the sanitary bag placed in front of each seat on the HSR, the photo book and sticker collection will be distributed to passengers by way of train seat pocket.

The book comprises photos of impacted rural and industrial landscapes around new and planned high-speed rail stations in Hebei, China, while the stickers are drawn from propaganda outlining official promises for the future. Asking the reader to collage over these scenes speaks to the constant manipulation of landscape in the context of Chinese urban development and poses the question of where agency is located in this change.

"I'm just looking at how they're going about their farming. Basically that's it. Just thinking, that's it."
It's similar to Ghana?
"Basically they're utilizing the land, every inch of the land and I'm happy about that. There's no space left and then they're managing their water. I've seen that they've done a lot of dugouts and they're managing their water flow for the irrigation of the plants. So thats what I'm looking at. I see the land is quite dry but they're managing the little water to give to the plants to get a good harvest."

日期: Aug 27, 2018
地点: ii Space

_What Do You See When You Look Out the Window《你看外面风景的时候会想到什么?》贴纸书与 A Day in the Outer Ring 《环外游》 展览一起出版。可别小看了这个“高铁座位背后的清洁袋”, 里面装着的是一本鼓励读者动手动脑互动交流影集,内含贴纸套装。



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